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17th February 2022

We had our wedding at Thursford in February 2022 and it was the most perfect experience! I am a life-long fan/visitor of Thursford, so to get married there was a dream come true. From the first moment of enquiry, both Charlie and Melissa were fantastic. They made us feel so special and like we were the only client they had to deal with (despite them hosting so many events and the run up to our wedding being during their busy Christmas season!). Every minute detail was taken care of on the day, we didn't have to worry about anything at all, all the staff went above-and-beyond and were all discreet, friendly and extremely professional. Melissa has an amazing knack of disappearing when not needed and miraculously appearing by your side the moment you need assistance, she's fabulous! We can't thank Thursford enough for making our special day so perfect and memorable, we will never forget the day or everything you did for us - thank-you so much. Victoria & Geoff Meads

Photograph by Hannah Brodie

Geoff & Victoria
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