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1 Week To Your Wedding: 4 To-Dos Before You Yell "I Do"

It's the week before the wedding and (whether you're happy or panicked by it) most of your 'to-do' list has been done and dusted. You dream dress is hanging in your closet, you've booked the rustic old farm barn that stole your heart at first sight, you've organised the catering, chosen the bouquets, had a cake-artist run you through their grand ideas and even written your wedding speech!

But even though all these major milestones have been checked with a big green pen, you can't relax just yet. We know this isn't exactly what you want to here, but before you say walk down the aisle looking beautiful and bohemian, and ready to shout the words, "I do" in front of your crowd of cheering guests, there are still a few teeny-tiny things that need be added to your final 'to-do list'. So, let's rock and roll shall we:

1. Confirm arrangements with your professionals

Call your photographer and remind him of your shot list. Ring your DJ and double-check he has made a note of your playlist. Get in touch with your caterer and remind them of your guest's dietary requirements. Oh, and contact your chosen venue to triple-check the booking has been confirmed, along with any last-minute changes you discussed over the phone. You want everything to be absolutely perfect on your big day, so while it may seem like you're being a bit of a Bridezilla and pestering the people you have hired to help you, it's always worth confirming any arrangements you have made, if only for your peace of mind.

2. Check your guest list

You probably sent out your wedding invites weeks (if not months) ago, but you can always guarantee there will be a handful of people who still haven't RSVP'd. It's frustrating, but it's part of being a madly in love couple about to get hitched. Nonetheless, you need that final headcount for your venue and caterers, including confirmation of any +1's to be added to your guest list, so pick up your phone and start ringing around those who are now more than a little late with their replies. It's also worth double-checking with your other guests to make sure they're still definitely coming. While it's unlikely they have will forgotten your wedding day, you might still want to email them or post something on social media as a gentle reminder, requesting they let you know as soon as possible if they can't make it anymore (shame on them!).

3. Prepare your wedding day emergency kit

You can never be too prepared, so have everything you need to hand for those emergency situations that could maybe, possibly cause you a bit of a headache on your big day. This includes a sewing kit for that "did I just hear a rip?" moment, be that for your gorgeous bridal dress, your groom's flash tuxedo or even one of your bridesmaid's dresses. You should also include bobby pins and hair ties, just in case your perfectly coiffed hair goes awry during proceedings (apparently you can't control the wind no matter how hard you try). And remember to pack bottles of water and a few granola bars to keep you energised throughout your busy day. For these and other essential items, make a note of this emergency kit list which should cover all the possible bases.

4. Practice everything

If you have written your own vows, or you know you have to make a speech at some point in the day, it's definitely, definitely worth going over your lines to be absolutely sure you're word perfect on the big day. If you have bought a new pair of shoes for the occasion, practice walking around them to avoid any missteps on your walk up the wedding aisle. And to make sure you look good in the wedding snaps, start to practice your photo poses so that you don't make any embarrassing faux pas in front of the cameras (because they'll be documented forever in one of the most cherished albums of all time). As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

And when you have done all of these can finally relax. The big day is almost upon you. But because you have checked off your to-do list, you should be fully prepared to kick butt at your wedding. And with all that said and done, we hope you have a fabulous day!

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