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10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

It's true what they say: you'll never-ever forget your wedding, no matter how much of a whirlwind it feels like. But you'll also never forget the night before your wedding; the butterflies and excitement as you count down the hours until you walk down the aisle ready to yell the words "I do!" for all to hear.

That's why you need to enjoy this moment, spend these final hours wisely and not wish away the time -- and to help you with that, we've pulled together ten dreamy things you should do the night before your big day; things that will help you really make the most of this exciting time.

1. Enjoy Some Quiet Time With Your Fiancé

According to tradition, the happy couple should spend the night before their wedding apart from one another. But that doesn't mean you can't set aside a little bit of time the evening before to enjoy each other's company one last time, taking a sunset stroll, indulging in a romantic dinner for 2 or just staring into each other's eyes knowing the next time you see each other, you'll be getting married.

2. Kick back, Relax & Pamper Yourself

We're not suggesting you lay on your bed and try out that new face mask you read about in Grazia magazine, you know, just in case you have a bad reaction. We are, however, suggesting you fill the tub with bubble bath, light some candles, soak up the relaxing atmosphere and nourish your skin with all your favourite bath products. This is the perfect time for some you time. Relaxing, head-clearing, soul-stirring you time.

3. Swap Your Night-Before Wedding Gifts

Every year, more trends pop up, but this has to be one of our favourites: swapping a little special something with with your soul mate the night before you start your happily ever after. And it doesn't have to be a gift, it could be something as sentimental as a handwritten letter for them to open once you say goodnight, or a list of all the reasons why you can't wait to marry them.

4. Drink Lots of Water

First of all, you should definitely pop a bottle of something named Champagne and dance with your bride tribe. After all, this is the night before your wedding. Just don't go crazy because nothing will fill you with more regret than being hungover on your wedding day. That's why you should also drink lots of water. Hint: the more hydrated you are, the more amazing you’ll look and feel.

5. Avoid The Sun

We know this sounds like really weird advice, but hear us out. No matter how glorious it is outside and how much you want to look tanned on your big day, make sure you slap on all the suncream because, trust us, you don't want to a) walk down the aisle sunburned or b) be covered in a bunch of weird tan lines. It's just not worth it.

6. Enjoy An Early-ish Night

It can be so easy to get carried away and enjoy a late-night with your I Do Crew, but maybe try not to get too carried away. Instead, set an alarm to remind you now is a good time to go to bed at a reasonable time and try to fall asleep quickly. Download a sleep-inducing podcast, listen to some relaxing music, spray your pillow with lavender essential oils -- anything. Not only will this help you wake up feeling refreshed and amazing, but the sooner you drift off the sooner you'll be getting married.

7. Healthy Foods For The Win

Oh, don't worry, we get it. Nothing sounds more tempting than getting a gorgeously greasy pizza delivered to your Holly Lodge suite, but maybe don't, no matter how much the girls want to.Why? Because no one feels good after eating an 18 inch Spicy Meat Feast, and you don't want to be waking up at 3am gagging for water, with oily skin and spots. So when you do enjoy some snacks with your squad, make sure it's relatively healthy.

8. Read Your Speeches and Vows Again

Whether you're giving a speech or just hoping to nail your vows, now is the perfect time for one last practise run before you stand up in front of your guests. It doesn't have to be a stressful or strenuous rehearsal, just a half-hour where you get to calmly and read-through what you've written to boost your self-confidence before your big moment.

9. Bridal-Mani Time

If you haven’t already had your nails done, now is the time to kick back, relax and enjoy that feeling of being pampered as you treat yourself to a luxury manicure, maybe with a lovely little hand massage and high-end moisturiser thrown into the occasion. After all, your hand is going to be wearing a brand new ring tomorrow and you'll want them looking perfect for their close up.

10. Get Your Wedding Outfit Ready

The night before your wedding shouldn't involve any tasks, except one: getting your outfit ready, which will only get you even more excited or your big day. Hang up your gown, polish your heels again, lay out your classy wedding lingerie and make sure you partner does that same. The last thing you want in the morning is a panic wondering where this or that is. Instead, you want it to be a morning full of good vibes as you get ready for the best moment in your life.

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