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5 Magical Mini-Moon Destinations

There’s only one thing more exciting than planning your perfect wedding day and that’s looking for the kind of dreamy honeymoon that will top off your celebration like a delicious glazed-cherry. The problem is, between the blooms, the bunting, the posh nosh and your gown, the cost of your wedding added up pretty quickly and so flying to some faraway paradise is off the cards. In fact, flying anywhere is off the cards.

But don’t despair just yet because the mini-moon is a growing trend that will let you enjoy a few days of post-nuptial escape and kickstart the next step of your love-story in the most fabulous way imaginable.

Our little island may not have much in the way of palm trees, white-sand beaches or warm tranquil waters, but it does have some of the most heart-warming, lip-biting and unique honeymoon destinations anywhere on Earth. That’s a promise.

So, without further ado, here are the staycation spots you absolutely need to know about when planning your dream mini-moon. Let the romance begin.

The Bath House, Warwickshire

Hidden a stone’s throw from Stratford-Upon-Avon is one of the most unique places you and your soulmate could ever hope to rest, recoup and fall in love all over again - The Bath House. Nestled neatly in the woodlands of Warwickshire, this octagon-shaped folly promises to give you that secluded sense of escape that every honeymoon should. But this is no ordinary escape. No, no. no. Slipping inside the gorgeous green boudoir of The Bath House is like losing yourself in another world, one from a fairy tale. The walls are adorned with seashells and the ceiling is dripping with gold icicles. But the piece de resistance is the bath chamber, which is hidden below your bedroom, complete with an 18th Century plunge pool and an undisturbed view into the woods. If you are looking for quiet and magical, this is it.

Atlanta, Cornwall

Sometimes - just sometimes - the most unforgettable escapes are found in the most forgotten places, which is the only way to describe Atlanta’s setting. Perched on top of Freathy Cliff like a tiara worn by a princess, this beautiful beach cabin boasts the most breathtaking views of Whitsand Bay; Cornwall’s secret corner. From the moment you lift your head off the pillow, you’ll be greeted with a million moments of pure beauty - sweeping golden beaches, azure waters, crashing waves, rugged cliffs and nature’s most staggering straight line - the horizon, where the sky kisses the ocean. This gorgeously restored coastal home is absolutely perfect for any couple looking for a blissful start to married life.

Little Scarlet, Cotswolds

Lost in the beating heart of the Cotswolds is a cottage so picturesque you won’t believe your eyes. You’ll rub them, pinch your forearm and snap your fingers to make sure you’re not dreaming. But you aren’t. This grade II listed cottage is as real as the romance you’ve discovered and that’s what makes it the perfect mini-moon getaway. Every teeny-tiny detail bursts with amour. Eat beneath the stars in this rose-covered courtyard, soak in his-and-hers freestanding bathtubs, step outside and into the magical secrets of the Cotswolds and then, when another day’s adventure comes to a close, collapse into the super-king bed with a glass of the bubbly stuff. Love has no face, but if it did, this is what it would look like.

The Woodman’s Treehouse, Dorset

If you’ve always dreamed of ripping off your high-heels, grabbing your soulmate by the hand, holding onto the flowers in your hair and running into the woods without once looking back, then the Woodman’s Treehouse is the perfect setting for your honeymoon. It’s the lavish adventure every newlywed couple deserves to enjoy. Cloaked in a forest canopy, every morning starts with sun bursting through the leaves, like the beams of emerald torchlight are searching for you as you soak in the treetop hot tub, the sauna beckoning you to come and relax in the most amazing way possible. And the luxury continues on the inside too, with a revolving wood-burner to relax in front of, an open-air tree shower to cool off beneath and a slide that will bring you back to earth with a graceful bump. Every so often in life, you come across somewhere that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and salute, and this is one of them.

Spitbank Fort, Hampshire

If you’re looking for somewhere totally unique - somewhere utterly secluded and magical - you will have a tough time doing better than a glamorous fort in the middle of the sea, which is exactly what Spitbank is. It’s a stylish fort surrounded by lapping waves and dramatic skies. It’s an adventure that starts with a heart-thrilling boat ride, before transforming into a celebratory champagne in a rooftop hot tub; the setting sun turning the big skies a soft shade of coral. And that’s just the start of it. From five-star meals to roasting your own marshmallows in a fire pit beneath the stars, to rooms so romantic Instagram will have a meltdown, this sea-surrounded destination is as idyllic as any on earth.

Weddings are the most euphoric celebrations, full of laughing, dancing and raising glasses of middle-shelf champagne in the name of true love. It’s being surrounded by your nearest and dearest in total disbelief, unable to believe you could feel this happy. But it’s the way you step into your marriage that will take your breath away more than anything else and, as you’ve just found out, you don’t need to travel far to soak in the epitome of romance. Yeah.

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