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Creating a Fun Party Vibe On Your Wedding Day

There are no two ways about it: the most important part of your super-stunning wedding day will be the ceremony. That's the reason for everything. That's the moment you've been dreaming of, the reason for all your butterflies and why all of your favourite humans have gotten together to throw confetti over you. There will be a thousand moments from your wedding that you'll want to hold onto forever, but saying "I do" to a chorus of whoops and cheers is the “love” part of your big day -- and nothing is more important than love. But the second most amazing part of getting hitched is having fun; all of the fun.

That's what weddings are. They're a celebration of your epic love story where bubbles flows, feet dance, faces crease with love and laughter and music fills the air. That's what you want. You want to give all of your friends and family to flock from far and wide to have the best time of your life; a wedding day they won't stop talking about forever.

Of course, anytime you and your faves get together it's a party full of good times and fun vibes, but we've got some little tips and tricks to to help you squeeze every last drop of fun out of the proverbial party orange. So, without further ado, here are some super-easy, tried and tested ways to have a party that every single one of your guests remembers will a smile:

Good Food and Fine Wine

There are million extra details you can add to your big day that will add an extra dollop of fun -- from bouncy castles to unique table names -- but if your guests haven't been given the two most important tools to have a good time, you won't be getting all you can out of your fun-time extras. The good news is: everyone that arrives at your wedding will be arriving with one thing on their minds and one thing only - fun. The slightly annoying news is: our bodies can sometimes betray us.

Translation: no-one can be on their best party-behaviour if their belly is rumbling, their mouths are dry or their disco legs are feeling a little stiff. So if you want the party to last until the early hours, you need to give your guests lots of food (from canapés to fun-packed alternatives to a sit down meal) and have plenty of wine, signature cocktails and liquid courage ready to be enjoyed.

Let's Get The Party Started

Sometimes, just sometimes, people can need a little encouragement to go from loving and caring wedding guests to rip-roaring party lovers, and we get it. After clapping loud and crying happy tears at such a romantic union, it can take a little something wow to get people to switch gears from saying, "awww, these gorgeous people are getting married" to shouting "let’s get this party started" as they wrap their tie around their head.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do, and none is better than getting your wedding band to kickstart the celebrations. That's how to get the crowd warmed up. And when they're done, give your DJ a nod and watch as your dance floor fills with dancing feet. Just remember that, when it comes to hiring a DJ for your wedding, not all DJs are born equal. Some will try and play Puppy Love. That's not what anyone wants. What you want is a DJ who knows how to play songs that’ll appeal to all people at your wedding.

Next-Level Fun

When it comes to weddings, there is no such thing as too much fun, which is why there are so many extra ways you can take things up a level. Look at adding additional touches of fun into your wedding. Ping pong tables outside, light installations above the dance floor, a magician that leaves your guests speechless, a doughnut wall, a photo booth full of props that double-up as memories people can hang on their fridges at home and bounce castles (have we said that already?). There are so many entertainment ideas that will have your guests saying wow -- and at every budget too. Trust us: it's these little extra ideas that make a wedding totally unforgettable.

Some Space To Relax

We know we said there's know such thing as having too much fun, and we stand by that, but it's still a super-groovy idea to dot some chillout spaces around your reception venue. Why? Because as much as we want everyone to be up and dancing and laughing and grooving, you also want that fun to last as long as possible and flourish as the night goes on.

That's why we recommend creating a relaxing space or two. Somewhere your guests can pop off with their new BFFs to catch their breath, laugh and joke, form the happiest half-hour friendship and regenerate their energy levels before they return to the floor to win the next spontaneous dance off. It’s that gorgeously underrated way to adda extra dimension to your space and ensure the party goes on all night long.

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