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Every Wedding Needs A Love Of Paper

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

If you always thought it was odd that people got paper-inspired gifts a year to the day after they tied the knot, it's time to cap that bemused feeling on the head: your first wedding anniversary is known as Paper because it signifies writing the blank pages of a new chapter in life. Awwwwww.

But as far as we can tell, that's not the only reason. You see, paper plays a pretty pivotal role in the preparation and planning of your wedding (how's that for a tongue twister), and your ceremony, coming to think of it. And if you’re not thinking further down the line than what gorgeous cliches to write on your invitation, we're going to help you get a little taste of reality.

It doesn't matter whether you've always been into crafts, devour books in a matter of moments, love tearing through the morning papers, dabble in a bit of writing or your a papyrophiliac (someone who has an obsessive love of paper), you need to start getting excited because there's a smorgasbord of opportunities for you to make paper a big part of your big day.

So, sit down, take out a piece of paper – oh the irony! – and start jotting down these ideas on how to let the romance of paper dance at your wedding bash.

Plan your stationery from the start

We shouldn't really have to say this but, unless you’re a millennial that's getting hitched at a moment's notice and decided to save a penny on costs by sending a digital invitation, most madly in love couples prefer sending tangible invitations instead, printed onto luxury card. The issue is: choice, or choice overload to be precise. So, to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the gorgeous options – from invitations card to menus – we recommend you work with one supplier only, if it's possible. Not only will this ensure there's a sense of consistency across each element, it will also see your stationery bits keep with the colour scheme of your wedding. As a rule of the thumb, you should treat your invitation as the centrepiece and then have everything else follow suit. As for the other member of the band, you'll want to make both your wedding programme and your menu sing a beautiful song because these two pieces of stationery tend to become keepsakes too.

Let everybody know about it

It's true: less and less people are officially announcing their relationship. But nothing feels more traditional than opting for a wedding announcement in your local newspaper. It’s an old and almost forgotten custom, and yet it’s one of the most romantic, charming and beautiful ways of announcing your happy news. Just think about it. Your friends and family will be open the papers (after being told to so by you on social media) and be greeted by your full names, ages and towns of residence, as well as all your parents’ names and residences too. It's a classic move, in every sense.

Can you offer a cute memory to your guests?

Nowadays, the first thing madly in couples do to kickstart their wedding planning is book that incredible camera-wizard to come and take the most breath-snatching wedding photos for you. The most creative photographers - those who are able to capture all the tiny details and gorgeous nuances - are now so popular, that most couples want to make sure they have their memory-capturer locked down before they’ve even found a venue; bouncing about their ideas, shot list and even getting their recommendations. Anyway, while chatting to your favourite photographer, it’s a great idea to tell them inform you’d love to send each guest a little thank you card with (or made from) a printout of one (or a myriad) of the photos they took on your big day. Oh, and if you've already have chosen your stationary, now’s the time to share it with your camera-magician.

Leave a book for all the days you need to smile

More and more couples are choosing to plop a wedding guest book down on a vignette at their reception as a way of capturing another dose of amazing memories from their day - and we totally get it. No. We love it. It’s a way for your guests to fish around in their memory banks, regale their favourite stories and share their words of love and congratulations, all of which you can flick back through forever. Sure, some of the best quips and comments have come from a spontaneous nudge or off the back of a glass of bubbly. But if you don't want people to miss out on this part of your big day, or forget, try asking them to have a message or few words of wisdom prepared beforehand that they can write down on the day. For the couple about to jet off into the sunset, it’s a super-lovely and amazingly-inexpensive keepsake that you'll cherish more than any other. It’s the perfect gift to receive, especially if you're inviting guests that, ummm, maybe don’t know how to share their appreciation.

Like we said at the start, weddings and paper snuggle up, hand in hand. So, to leave you with one last idea, you should make a plan to compile all your favourite papers of the day of your wedding - and your first anniversary - and pop them into a memory box. Newspapers, invitations, guestbook, thank you cards, and your stationery of every kind. It's the best kind of memory.

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