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Gorgeous Ways To Involve Your Newborn In Your Wedding Day

Because life happens, and so should wedding.

Once upon a time, there was an expectation for everyone that was madly in love to follow "the rules", which went like this: meet somewhere unexpected (#tinder), fall in love, get engaged, get hitched and then make a bunch of gorgeous babies. Thankfully, the clock didn't get stuck in this era, the world has moved on and everyone has realised that life happens, and it's freakin' beautiful whatever the timeline looks like. Marriage first, babies first -- it doesn't matter when the love is strong.

As the age old adage goes: life is what happens when you're busy making plans. You've probably got a friend or two that were set to tie the knot (with Save The Dates already on their way) but something came up and their knot tying plans had to be postponed. But that didn’t stop them from wanting a baby, so they went ahead with it and now they have a heart-achingly gorgeous newborn -- and now they’re finally ready to get hitched. Come on, we know this sound familiar?

Cue the perfect opportunity to add a bit of baby vibes to your big day. When couples get married, they are making a promise to one another. When couples with a baby get married, you're not just celebrating your head-over-heels love for one another, but for that little bundle of OMG! that you created. Take that normal weddings.

And in that spirit, here are four ways to celebrate the newest member of your squad come your wedding day:

Be Part Of The Ceremony

Believe it or not, your new baby can play a huuge role in your wedding. In the same way flower children and cute little ring bearers are usually the sweetest thing you’ll see at a wedding (there's something about seeing kids dressed so beautifully they could have been sent by the Greek god of love himself), your baby could steal the show. Simply placed him/her in a crib lined with cushions and decorated to the nines with stunning (fake) flower arrangements and then wheel them down the aisle as your ring bearer -- awwwww. And because your child being is being wheeled, all of your guests will be able to take a quick peek into the crib and instantly start brooding. If your newborn was in a pram, no one could see the gift he or she is bringing up to the altar.

Something Baby Blue

According to tradition, brides must always bring or wear something blue to represent purity, true love and fidelity. Well, since you’ve proven the last one, you could ask your bridesmaids to wear these baby blue dresses from to your wedding because, c'mon, 2020 wedding trends are all about adding a pinch of colour to your big day. Just take a look at the Cocomelody baby blue sheath chiffon sleeveless maxi dress. This beautiful long draping dress with slim straps and high-waist, would stand out and symbolise your newborn child. If your bridesmaids would like to wear something with bare shoulders, the Cocomelody sheath chiffon sleeveless dress would be a great choice. Baby blue dresses stand out but they also complement your white wedding dress.

Lighting A Candle

At the end of your ceremony, nothing could be more sentimental, heartwarming or magical than lighting a candle for your new baby in front of all your nearest and dearest. 2020 is the year for bringing a bit more personality to your intimate wedding day, and that's exactly what this moment would be: intimate and personal -- you hold your perfect little baby as bae holds a unity candle. What a moment, what a gesture, what a memory maker.

In Your Vows

We're not sure what you've heard, but having a child is pretty much the biggest step you can take... in any relationship. It's huge. Life-changing. Incredible. Perfect. So, seeing as you’re getting hitched, what could be more beautiful and touching than mention your baby in your vows. and telling the world you and your squad are the only team you'll ever need or want. Your baby will be the most important part of your lives, and sharing this moment as a family among your closest friends and family will probably be the most memorable thing about your wedding (except for your first dance #noettajamesthistime).

A newborn baby is a total blessing, so if you can find a way to make them a part of your wedding day, trust us, you definitely should. Having your child as your ring bearer would melt your guests’ hearts and give your little buba a starring role.

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