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Song Lyrics That Will Make Your Venue Feel So Romantic

The most romantic day of your life will be the day you walk the aisle and kiss your soulmate under a chorus of whoops, cheers, clapping hands and stomping feet. It’s the day you wiggle into your sparkling gown, watch with a smile as your mum hangs her antique necklace around your neck, before you meet your happily-ever-after at the end of a petal strewn runner, gently biting your bottom lip as you lock eyes and fall in love all over again, this time for eternity, everyone around you making the same involuntary noise of “aaawwwwww” - tears dancing down their cheeks and lumps forming at the back of their throats; each of them finally understanding the meaning of life as they watch this moment of real love swirl and whirl all around them.

It’s a tough thing to put into words. Love. Almost impossible. Something only the greatest songwriters have ever managed, bleeding lyrics that read like poetry; lyrics that embody all the indescribable truths of falling for not just someone, but The One; lyrics that are able to convey the most romantic of sentiments; lyrics that you should consider hanging around your wedding venue to make you and your guests really feel the love from the moment they step into your reception to the second they wobble out.

So, without further ado, here are 13 impossibly romantic song lyrics that will have everyone at your wedding believing in the power of love.

(Trust us: you’ll want to get out your chalkboards, write out these lyrics in your prettiest handwriting and leave your entire guest list feeling a little weak at the knees.)

And if none of these magical lyrics have managed to make your heart flutter like the wings of a thousand butterflies, then you can always scrawl out the words of Bob Dylan’s “Wedding Song”, underlining those heart-melting lyrics that read, “You’re the other half of what I am, you’re the missing piece, and I love you more than ever with that love that doesn’t cease.”

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