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Starting Off On The Right Knee | A Guide To Perfect Proposals

OMG! You’ve listened to your thudding heart, got your nerves under control and decided there's nothing you want more in this world than to drop onto a single knee and propose to your partner, which means CONGRATULATIONS! You’re signing up for the adventure of a lifetime; an adventure of love and laughs, fun and frolics, cuddles and companionship (of course, these marriage tips will help). But before you can snap that perfect engagement selfie, there's just the small matter of having to actually pop the question [gulp].

So, how do you create the most romantic, madly in love moment you and your soul mate can relive a million times and, who knows, maybe even tell the grandkids one day? Well, reading on won't hurt.

Your Proposal Personality

First things first, you’ll want to be question-popping in an ode to the sort of madcap people you and your bride or groom-to-be are. Cue the examples:

1) If your favourite thing in the whole world is curling up on a two-seater sofa and settling into a Netflix marathon all weekend long, you might be more introverted and thus want to mirror that in your proposal. That means making your proposal meaningful, and yet gorgeously private, is the way to go. Like dropping down on one knee away from the attention of others in the beautiful countryside during a weekend away, or even at home, surrounded by flowers and candles, while the roast chicken you're cooking is in the oven (#princeharry).

2) If, however, you're a couple that basks in the spotlight, this is your chance to do something big, wild, forget-me-not and fabulous, maybe even asking your family and friends to get involved in the proposal of the century. You could have them hold up signs to spell out the big question, or burst out from elaborate hiding places armed with whoops, cheers and bottles of bubbly (once you’ve placed that rock on your partner’s finger, obvs).

It's totally up to you. Just listen to your head, heart and soul.

The Art Of Proposing

Of course, planning the perfect proposal is an art. Every detail needs to trip the light fantastic and the whole occasion needs to know how to WOW, right down to the sparkling ring you hold up (while trying to hold back your nerves and happy tears). Thankfully, our buddies at Sainsbury's Bank have been in touch and sent us the ultimate guide to creating a jaw-hits-floor proposal. Enjoy.

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