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The Secret Benefits of Attending A Wedding Show

Without a shadow of a doubt, every bride-slash-groom needs to pull on their favourite sneakers, grab an empty notebook and wander about a wedding show. Come on, you’ve just got engaged. You’ve just joined an elite tribe of couples that gets to step behind the velvet rope and explore bridal expos and wedding shows, uncover amazing opportunities, explore incredible experiences and have your wedding mind blown – and they don’t come much better than the East Anglia Wedding Show.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a bridal boutique, venue tour and chit-chatting to suppliers we stumbled across on the ‘gram, but dancing around the Norfolk Showground with a glass of bubbles in hand is a must-do for brides-to-be. Take your I Do Crew, gather your Bride Tribe or attend with your soul mate. Whatever you decide, you’re going to have the time of your life as you plan your dream wedding, meeting vendors and suppliers there to showcase their beautiful products and next-level services. Trust us: you never know what diamonds you might find, literally. It might be the wedding ring of your fantasies, a wedding gown unlike any other, a tuxedo that gives your man a little strut, florists, photographers, wedding planners and everything else in between.

Hold up, let me put it into poetic form so that you really get what we mean:

A wedding show is a celebration

Of love and unity, a grand sensation,

Where vendors gather, with their best to offer

To help create a special day that will last forever.

It's a place where dreams come to life,

With flowers, dresses, and photography.

Where inspiration flows and hearts take flight.

And planning for the big day takes shape and takes might.

It's a chance to meet and greet,

With vendors face to face, so sweet.

To see examples of their art,

And envision your own love story to start.

With discounts and deals, it's a bargain too

And entertainment to make the experience new

A wedding show is a one stop shop

For all the planning needs, it's a hop.

[Insert applause here]. Thank you, thank you. You’re all too kind. But in case you need a few more reasons to show up with a smile, here are some of the benefits to attending a wedding show, like the East Anglia Wedding Show:

Meeting Your New Vendors

The most epic thing about attending a wedding show might just be the fact you, a newly engaged couple, get to meet and laugh with so many different kinds of vendors and suppliers, and in person, creating a bond and a relationship with the people that will bring your visions to life, which can help them make more informed decisions when planning their wedding.

See Examples of Work

Many vendors will have samples of their work on display, which can give couples a better idea of what to expect when working with them. For example, a photographer may have a portfolio of their wedding photography on display, or a florist may have sample bouquets.

Embrace The Latest Trends

When it comes to the latest wedding trends of the moment, you can either scroll through TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and our very own blog (shameless plug), or you can see them in action with your own eyes. That’s what bridal expos and wedding shows do best. They bring together vendors that are pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible, creating display areas that showcase the most hip and happening floral, cake, decor and wedding dress trends so that you can see how they look in person (not just prettied up with filters online).

Be Seriously Inspired

Let’s get straight to it: the main reason couples go to a wedding show is to be so inspired they have to pick their jaws off the floor and go back to the drawing board of what is possible. That’s what they’re about. They’re about gaining inspiration and ideas for your big day, whether that be moments of magic or different styles, themes and trends.

Enjoy Some Discounts + Deals

Everyone loves a discount. It doesn’t matter what it is, we all get a warm, fuzzy feeling in our bellies when we stumble across a discount or a deal. Well, guess what: wedding shows are packed full of vendors offering special deals and discounts to couples who book their services at the wedding show, which means you could find your wedding budget stretches a whole lot further.

Oh The Convenience

Attending a wedding show allows you to meet a lot of vendors in one place, which is more convenient that you might ever appreciate. No awkwardly-timed Zoom meetings or driving mile after mile to meet potential suitors. No way. Wedding shows will save a lot of time and energy for the couple, instead of you having to do all that research and scrolling and reaching out to different vendors individually.

Meet Some Amazing People

If there’s one thing that doesn’t get enough hype, it’s the networking side of wedding shows. And we’re not just talking about building great relationships with potential suppliers or vendors or wedding professionals. We’re talking about meet cutes. Yepp. We’ve heard so many stories of newly engaged couples meeting and wedding shows, bonding and laughing and becoming forever friends out of nothing. Now that’s a story to share on your big day.

Are You Not Entertained

From an epic fireworks finale to outdoor garden games, photo booths to vintage fairground rides, bouncy castles to magicians, your wedding deserves to have those moments that make your guests go wow and gives them something extra to talk about long after they leave. That’s what you’ll discover at a wedding show. And not only that, you’ll be entertained while you’re there with so many of them putting on fashion shows, live gigs, and other forms of entertainment, which can make the whole day even more fun and enjoyable.

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