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Thursford Garden Pavilion: 4 Picture Perfect Venues Rolled Into 1

The only venue you'll ever need to see...

Every couple dreams of finding there dream wedding venue; that somewhere special where every moment of their big day has the perfect backdrop. That venue is the Thursford Garden Pavilion; a special place for the hopeless romantics, the madly in loves, the beautiful misfits that met amongst a flurry of magic sparks. We're that enchanting space that's perfect for your most enchanting love story, the kind that saw your ordinary life become a fairy tale without any dew drop of warning.

We're a wedding venue that captivates everyone and captures every moment, and we're hidden in the heart of North Norfolk. But don't think we're like any other venue because, well, we're not. We're a little different. A little more extraordinary. And that's because we don't just have one wedding space to boast about. We have 4 and they are each unique. Something wow. And here's a little bit about each of them:

There’s something immeasurably romantic about saying the words "I do" in our rustic old barn; those two little words dancing around the exposed beams and into the eaves; the whoops, claps and cheers of your teary-eyed guests echoing off the exposed brick walls to fill the whole place with euphoria; the cocktail of charm and natural decor adding to the million reasons to be happy.

But that's not all because there is so much more to a barn wedding.

Like every couple, each barn is different and unique, specked with one of a kind moments and quirks that make it special - and that's the sort of magic our old barn celebrates. It adds a perfect countryside twist to your ceremony or reception. Whether you've always dreamed of walking down the aisle of a rustic old barn bursting with charm or you're looking for ways to make your small wedding that much more intimate and wow, The Old Farm Barn at Thursford is perfect, which is why most of our ceremonies take place in this rustic barn of ours.

There is nowhere better to walk the aisle, enjoy your first kiss or leave to a monsoon of confetti as you head for some champagne in the garden and canapés on the lawn, before returning to the Old Farm Barn once it's been transformed into the reception venue you've always dreamed of. That' what our barn venue in the heart of Norfolk feels like.

This is that something different for those loves stories that are a little different. Those couples that embrace their quirks and love their uniqueness. Those couples who want a wedding they'll remember forever and a day - so wonderful and wow. The kind of wedding that will make a smile play in the corner of their guests' mouths every time your big day is mentioned. That's what it feels like to wed your soul mate in our Magical Museum, which is barely a few footsteps from our Garden Pavilion.

It's that special venue full of special extras. From enchanting carousels to spellbinding gondolas, our collection of vintage fairground rides promises to be the last piece of your wedding puzzle. Hearts will skip beats, eyes will spread wide, jaws will hang low and a mesmerised "awwwwww" will burst from every guest. And that's not all because there is also a classic ice-cream parlour at the entrance to the museum so your guests can catch their breath as they enjoy the most delicious Italian gelato this side of Florence. Or you could just use our Magical Museum to clink drinks and hand out canapés after your ceremony. Whatever your heart tells you to do.

The point is: It's like nowhere else on earth, never mind Norfolk.

Hidden in the breath-snatching countryside of North Norfolk, nothing makes more sense than exchanging your vows in an al fresco ceremony, which is why we're so proud to have one one of the most idyllic outdoor spaces you could ever imagine.

To the front of the Pavilion, we have manicured lawns that are perfect for any couple hoping to host a lavish bash surrounded by the gorgeous outdoors, and to the rear, we have a private wedding garden that boasts traditional cottage-style walls to provide a truly secluded place; somewhere you can whisper the words ‘I do', as the flowering borders and pretty flint work adds to the intimate romance.

So whether you want to turn our beautiful grounds into a stunning aisle or use our gardens as the romantic backdrop for your wedding photos, our little slice of the great outdoors really is a "see it to believe it" kind of place.

This is it. This is the place. This is where you'll get goosebumps because it has everything you could possibly want or need to make your wedding stand out as something special. It's exclusive and elegant. Classic but contemporary. Understated, formal, lavish, discreet, eclectic, spacious, airy, everything. It is everything. A blank canvas like no other because no matter what you do to it, how you decorate it or which direction you take it, our Garden Pavilion is so enchanting and picturesque it will always steal your breath, no matter how many times you flick through your wedding album.

Our Pavilion has it all.

Celebrating panoramic views across our landscaped gardens, you can share the biggest moment of your love story with up to 240 of your closest friends and family, with nothing but tranquility to distract from your day. Have drinks on the lawn as your little ones rush to the outdoor play area and fill the distance with the infectious sound of laughter, And because you will have this whole place to yourselves - total exclusivity in every sense of the word - you can enjoy every. single. moment right here. Throwing confetti, tussling for the bouquet, your guests raising their glasses of champagne "to the bride and groom" as they much on cake, each second full of total euphoria, belly-laughter and memory-making, which is what every wedding should be about about.

Something feelings cannot be replicated, and our venue is one of them.

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