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Norfolk's Premium Wedding and Events Venue

We are your perfect North Norfolk wedding venue.

We're that special place for the hopeless romantics, the madly in loves, the beautiful misfits that met amongst a flurry of magic sparks. We're that enchanting space that's perfect for your most enchanting love story, the kind that saw your ordinary life become a fairy tale without any dew drop of warning, your love bursting to life from a peck, a kiss, a hold of a hand, a look. We're a wedding venue that captivates everyone and captures every moment. We're a rarity. A hidden gem in the heart of North Norfolk. A place that's a little different. A little more extraordinary. A place that dances with your curiosity, ensuring a cocktail of romance and elegance shimmers in every little detail. 

Our Garden Pavilion is no everyday venue. None of our spaces are. We're that something unique. That something wow. A venue that makes eyes widen, hearts skip a beat and "awwws" fall from mouths the moment your guests step into the grounds to the moment they wave you off, sparklers and cheers filling the night sky. 

Trust us:

Pavilion weddings are the ones that get remembered. Forever.

Whatever your big day looks like when you fall asleep, whatever ideas waltz across the pages of your scrapbook, whatever your love story feels like, whatever way you want to raise a bottle of bubbles and celebrate, we'll bring it to life. We'll make sure you can enjoy it all.


Whether it's whispering the words "I do" in the intimacy of a secret garden, enjoying your first dance under a blanket of twinkling stars, biting your lip as you walk down the aisle of an old barn bursting with charm, or doing it different - really differently - the sort of different where you say your vows and kiss your soul mate in a spellbinding museum filled with old magic and fairground rides of yesteryear, our weddings promise to amaze.

Big or small, low-key or lavish, traditional or just you; our pavilion, garden, museum and our rustic Norfolk barn are fully-licensed for every wedding you could possibly want, and we're happy to help you through it all.


When our couples choose to get married here, they have our venue exclusively. All of it. You have complete freedom to roam around the venues you've picked so that you can enjoy each part of your day in a different setting in the most flawless way possible.


We have something special everywhere you look. Romantic gardens for al fresco vows, a rustic barn made for more intimate ceremonies, an enchanting museum and, of course, our elegant pavilion. Where you want to start your happily ever after is up to you. 


And because you can have everything right here - your ceremony, reception and even the wedding suite of Holly Lodge - you can make up your mind on the day. Simply wake up on the morning of your wedding, peek out of the curtains, look at the weather and plan your forever after perfectly. 


This is your chance to celebrate the beauty of bespoke, your chance to tailor every moment of your magical day in whatever way will make the corner of your mouth crease into a smile. No matter what your dream wedding looks like, you can make every part of it perfect, whether that's using your own suppliers or asking us to lend you helping hand here and there, which is where our suppliers really come into their own. We cater to every wish and whim. You can even handover every big arrangement for us to deal with, meaning you can sit back with a flute of bubbles, relax in each others arms and enjoy the more important things in life and wedding planning. 


Planning a wedding is no stroll through the park. It takes time and effort to make your big day perfect and make sure every moment is nothing shy of flawless. There is no shame in biting your bottom lip, holding up your hands and saying, "this is so overwhelming". Of course it is. 


That's where we can help. 

We're here to remove the pressure, remove the stress and keep your love fizzing about every stage of the process. We're here to take care of the bigger things so that you can focus on the small details; the little things that make the biggest difference; the truly personal touches that will make your wedding unforgettable. 


Gorgeous arrangements of fresh flowers, heart-fluttering decorations, melt-in-the-mouth food, free-flowing fine wine and music so perfect your guests will make a dash for the dance floor from the first note and staying dancing, smiling and laughing until you decide to call it a night. This is your day, your night, your moment, and every second of it belongs to you and your guests. It's where your love story gets to fizz across the night sky and take total centre stage. ​

To find out more about what we offer and how we can make your day float as smoothly as you dreamed, pop us an email or give us a call. From setting the scene to making your details dazzle, we want to make your wedding absolutely perfect



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