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Our Magical

Magical Museum

This is that something different for those couples that are something different. Those that embrace their quirks and love their uniqueness. Those that want to have something they'll remember forever and a day - so wonderful and wow, a smile will play in the corner of your guests' mouths every time your big day is mentioned. That's what it feels like to wed your soul mate in our magical museum, barely a few footsteps from our Garden Pavilion. 

We're that special venue full of special extras, from our enchanting carousels to spellbinding gondolas, our collection of vintage fairground rides promise to be the last piece of your wedding puzzle. Hearts will skip beats, eyes will spread wide, jaws will hang low and a mesmerised "awwwwww" will burst from every guest, their minds fizzing from the moment they enter to the second they leave.  

Luckily we have a classic ice-cream parlour at the entrance to the museum so your guests can catch their breath as they enjoy the most delicious Italian gelato this side of Florence. Or you could use our magical museum to clink drinks and hand out canapés after your ceremony. Whatever your heart tells you to do.


The point is: It's like nowhere else on earth.

Just come and see for yourself.

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