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Kath &

August 2023

We would like to start by saying a special thank you to Charlie, Emma, Mel and their team: they were absolutely fantastic with helping us to prepare the venue, they also went above and beyond on the day itself to make sure ensure that everything went as planned and that we and the guests had a wonderful time. It was a grand spectacular from start to finish.


A day no one will ever forgot.


Even a month later our big day is still the day-to-day topic with everyone. We were all treated like royalty and it felt so special. 


On our wedding day, we never expected you all to be running the show as you did. It was incredible how little we needed to worry about (if anything). From getting ready at Holly Lodge where our photographer got a surprise breakfast, to Mel getting Kath from Holly Lodge and walking her over to the gardens and setting everything up just as we'd planned. We were truly impressed by the work ethic and the team spirit. So much so that the day after our wedding we wished we could do it all again at Thursford.


Thank you so much for making our dreams come true!

Karen Catchpole Photography

Andrew & Kath
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