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5 reasons to attend a wedding show

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Going to a wedding show as an adult leaves you with a very similar feeling to the one you got walking around Toys R Us when you were seven. Every step you take reveals a new, exciting supplier with delicious and dazzling wonders. From beautiful black wedding dresses to the most exquisite wedding cakes, there is so much beauty to be seen.

But why should you drag yourself out of bed on a Sunday when Netflix, pj's and leisurely dog walks are so very tempting?

Ahead of the Dunston Hall wedding show on Sunday 17th September 2023, organised by The Event Company EA LTD, I wanted to share with you my top 5 reasons for visiting a wedding show.

1. It's perfect for every stage of your planning

For some of you, with a new engagement still fresh in your mind, you may attend a wedding show right at the start of your planning journey. This is when there is still so much to think about and it can be difficult to know where to start. At a wedding show you can wander, meet and interact with different suppliers, you can form a list in your mind about what you’d like to sort and when. Many venues, caterers and photographers attend these shows and as these are the three key suppliers you should secure early, a wedding show exposes you to many options all at once, saving you fuel and leaving you inspired.

If you are further along in your journey, a wedding show can still provide you with valuable exposure to suppliers that you haven't considered yet. For example, who doesn't enjoy watching a master magician at work, seemingly pulling the right card out of thin air.

Goldsmiths and Connections are both exhibiting at the Dunston Hall wedding show. These companies are perfect for every stage of your wedding planning as they allow you to tick off many of the items still on your list: from DJs and photo booths to chair sashes and bridal wear.

2. Freebies, yes please

A wedding show can be a delicious way to spend the day. We have seen wooden tiered sweet carts and Viking tasting platters, glasses of fizz and cupcakes decorated with elegant icing flowers. If you’ve ever wondered how delicious a vegan wedding cake can be, a wedding show is the perfect place to find out. Then once you’ve had your fill of sweet treats, sit for a caricature drawing of you and your other half, wedding shows often host skilled artists so why not go and see what they can do.

3. Meet the team

Especially when speaking with your venue, there is a chance you will exchange emails with team members you've never met. I know in our department, most couples meet Melissa during their viewing but only know me as a name at the bottom of an email. I always enjoy getting to meet the couples interested in Thursford, when speaking face to face with people, we get to know them better and are able to suggest ways they can personalise their wedding to make it even more special for them. Every couple is different and so we enjoy getting to know them all.

If you are attending Dunston on Sunday 17th September, you will get the opportunity to meet both Melissa and myself.

For other suppliers, again it is a chance to make a connection with someone who will be a part of your day. Especially when booking a photographer, you want to know that you will feel comfortable with them. They will be a constant presence and whilst looking at someone's portfolio is helpful, meeting them face to face lets you know whether they are the right person for your day. Attending the Dunston wedding show are Dan Sunderland Photography, I Do Photography and Belinda Buxton Photography – all three suppliers are on our recommended list so be sure to stop by their stand.

4. A wedding show offer

Not only are some wedding shows free (including the upcoming Dunston Hall show), suppliers often have exclusive wedding show offers. So not only is it a fun day out, it is also a wise financial investment (feel free to use this point as a way of encouraging reluctant wedding members to come along with you).

If you haven't booked your venue yet, why not pop along to our Thursford stand to see the exclusive wedding show offer we have waiting for you!

5. Ask away

Whether you have already booked at Thursford or are still looking for your dream venue, it is the perfect opportunity to ask questions you may feel are too trivial to put in an email. Though, let me reassure, there is no such thing as a question too trivial.

If you want to know something about our venue, even if it is the exact dimensions of our catering fridge interior, we do not mind! We want you to feel confident and relaxed ahead of your big day, so whether it's in person, over the phone or in an email, we want you to ask away.

And that's it, if you're not convinced after the 5 points above then I wish you a lovely Sunday of ice-cream and Korean dramas. If I have swayed you then we look forward to meeting you at Dunston Hall very soon!

Thank you for reading! Why not follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more wedding ideas and tips? Do you have a specific question about weddings at Thursford? Why not drop us an email at We would love to hear from you.


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