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6 Incredible Stag Do Activities in Norfolk

Consider the most important part of planning a stag completed!

Most laymen think that planning a Stag Do is a simple task, somewhere on par with getting a few friends together for a quick round of golf or pulling off a last-minute cinema trip to see a re-release of your favourite childhood film, which is exactly why most laymen aren’t chosen to to be the Best Man, a groomsman or even come up with Stag Do ideas.

You see, the reality is this: planning a Stag Do is one of the most nuanced, complex, stress-ridden and danger-fraught things any person can ever be challenged with. You have to figure out where you’re going to go (and when), where you’ll stay, who should be put on the guest list, decipher the social dynamic and then create an itinerary full of epic activities that everyone will be up for.

Trust us: planning a Stag Do is not for the faint hearted.

That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for the best Stag Do activities in Norfolk, taking some of the pressure off the task at hand. Add some of these to your weekend plans and you can be pretty certain your friend will have the time of his life, and finally stop regret picking you as best man over Tommy.

Obviously paintball is awesome. That’s why it’s long been a classic Stag activity. But do you know what’s even more epic than just paintballing? Paintballing in the Norfolk countryside, in a 30 acre arena that has eight film set themed game zones. That’s how to take things up a notch (or 10) as you embrace the rare yet valuable opportunity to pepper your best mates with paintballs. So fill your hopper with vibrant ammo and unleash your inner [insert favourite action hero here] as you scramble between helicopters, tanks, towers, trenches, dinosaurs and even zombies, dodging bullets as you go.

You might not know it or think, but Norfolk has a long history with world-class racing drivers (did someone say George Russell or Martin Brundle), which is probably why we have so many nerve-jangling tracks to choose from as everyone vies for the ultimate bragging rights. After all, there are no friendships on the karting track, even on an occasion as dedicated to friendship as a Stag Do. This one is all about phenomenal speeds, master precision, unflinching control and sheer adrenaline as you race wheel-to-wheel around a fast-flowing course.

Friends are supposed to make you braver, and if there’s one time you’re going to need that courageous boost, it’s when you’re wandering through a canopy forest on wobbling bridges and nerve-jangling wires 40 feet above the floor. So while you might feel fine with heights now you’re standing firmly on terra firma, that might become a very different story while you’re tackling tricky crossings, swinging rope bridges, Tarzan swings and zip wires, as well as an assortment of other obstacles that stand between you and the finish line. But the best part is exploring the great outdoors and taking in the breathtaking scenery from way up high with your Stag Squad.

We’re all in need of a good adrenaline rush every once in a while, but only a select few have the guts to make it happen. But when you commit to quad biking along an extreme dirt track on a 250cc beast for 3-hours, you might be able to hear your nerves jangle over the roar of the engine. And shredding through some of Norfolk’s trickiest terrains is a challenge you’re only going to want to face with your closest friends as you head out stag-style in this all-action, high-octane, adrenaline-pumping activity.

From sailing through the labyrinth of salt marshes to bunkering down in a hammock for the night aboard a Whelk, nothing could be more adventurous than exploring the wilderness of North Norfolk’s coastline on a professionally skippered, traditional wooden fishing boat under sail. You can just imagine it now, you and the groom’s favourite people laughing and bonding as you swim in the sea, forage for food, dine on delicious meals, connect with nature, recharge your soul and make the kind of core memories you will never forget. Welcome to a different kind of Stag Do.

Is there a better way of bringing people together than trapping them in a room and forcing them to find a way out? Yes, but it’s a lot less entertaining. Norwich’s Escape Hunt will transport you to other worlds where you’re forced to team up with your buddies in an intense race against the clock. With themes like The Cave of Wonders, 1942 Spies, Jungle Quest, Doomed Spaceship, and Escape The Wild West, you and your friends will be set for a while. And if you’re nowhere near Norwich, no worries -- you can find a plethora of escape rooms around Norfolk, and they’re all ready to lock you up and test your teamwork.

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