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8 Reasons You'll Love The Thursford Garden Pavilion Wedding Fair

We’re buzzing so much about this one that we’re going to pretend we’re wearing a gorgeous gown and jump straight into it -- there’s nothing more amazing than spending the day at a wedding fair. It’s one of those mini-adventures every single bride-and-groom-to-be needs to get up and do. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been engaged for three years, been madly in love since you were teenagers, or you’ve only had that ring on your finger for a matter of moments - you need to yell the words, “YES!” whenever you hear rumours of a local wedding venue opening their doors and hosting a wedding fair.


Weddings are incredible. All of them. Which is because every single one is different. They’re full of different quirks and details, and all celebrate a different love story. Your love story. And that’s why you need to dance down through the aisles of your local wedding fair, pick up inspiration as you pass, meet the suppliers that know how to make you go “wow”, tour the different forget-me-not moments of a venue - from their old farm barn to their magical museum - and then chat to the different bridalwear designers that are ready to make you and your squad look more beautiful than a dozen red roses. Not to mention there’s usually champagne to sip on too.

That’s what wedding fairs do. They make your mind fizz with inspiration and ideas, and help your wildest dreams burst to life - and our next wedding fair is less than a week away.

But if the idea of chit-chatting to 30+ exhibitors, touring our gorgeous space and smiling at the free entry isn’t enough to make you cancel your plans on Sunday, here’s 10 reasons you need to attend the Thursford Garden Pavilion Wedding Fair on Sunday, 3rd March 2019. We promise it will be the best thing you’ve done since saying, “YES!”

1. Meet Your Wow-Factor Suppliers For The Very First Time

You won’t believe it until you’re here, but there’s nowhere better for meeting your future suppliers. There’s just so many of them to explore, and explore face-to-face. It’s your chance to see a suppliers work, bite your bottom lip with excitement and build a relationship with them in person, from the get-go. Whether you’ve booked everyone but the photographer or you haven’t booked anyone - not a cake baker or dressmaker - our wedding fair is the perfect place to find your perfect squad of suppliers.

2. Make Your Mind Fizz With Inspiration

Chances are, you already spend you’re every evening laying in bed, next to your fiancé, watching the hours flutter by as you scroll through our Instagram feed, Pinterest and award-winning blog -- but nothing compares to seeing everything in person. Seeing how everything looks and feels, floats and falls, fizzes and whizzes. Gowns and dresses, chauffeur-driven cars, finger foods and sit-down meals, stationery, chair covers, feature walls and flower-draped doors. You’ll get to see things you’ve pinned and things you never thought of until now - and that’s why you need to attend a wedding fair. That’s why you need to attend our wedding fair.

3. Stay On Top Of The Wedding Trends

Every love story is unique, and every wedding different. But whether you’re wanting to tie the knot in a traditional ceremony or get hitched in your own gorgeous way, the best place to dance with the latest trends is a wedding fair. With so many industry professionals and creative moment-makers in one place, you’ll get to take photos of all the things that make your heart flutter. It could be the style of a photographer or learning how to add a dollop of ‘Living Coral’ to your big day. No matter what sort of wedding day vibe you’re chasing, you’ll get a thousand gorgeous suggestions, and each one will make you smile.

4. Everyone Loves A Discount

Every supplier wants to make a wedding fair worth their while, which is why wedding fairs are such a great place to stumble on a special offer. It could be a last-minute discount thanks to a sudden drop-out or getting a little something extra when you book with a supplier. And you rarely have to book right there, right then. It’s simple - if you’re looking for ways to have a big wedding on a tight budget, wedding fairs are a must. There will be dozens of suppliers able to stretch your budget further than you ever thought possible. So get their details, give them your name, ask if they can do you a great deal, and ask if there is a ticking clock on any special offer they whisper into your ear. More often than not, you’ll leave with a Cheshire Cat smile and a sack full of savings.

5. Ask All The Questions You’ve Ever Thought Of

Scrolling through Pinterest and stumbling across suppliers on Instagram is great, but there’s always a hundred questions you wish you could get off your chest in one big go. That’s what wedding fairs are so groovy at. You can talk to all the suppliers you want to and ask all the questions that spring to mind. Ask them about their portfolio, their experience, the coolest things they’ve seen at a wedding, their best-sellers, favourite suggestions, and what their dog’s name is - anything you like. Then sit back, relax and take some notes as they give you all the answers right there and then -- no endless email chains or voicemail messages. Just the answers you wanted, when you wanted.

6. Have Your Cake And Taste It

Everyone loves cake. But being a couple-to-be means getting to taste a bunch of different (and delicious) cakes before you settle on the mix of sponge and frosting you want on your day. It’s important, but it’s also super-duper-fun. Just be prepared to have your mind blown and taste buds freak out because cake science has gotten amazing. There are flavours you didn’t know existed, and cakes you’ll never be able to forget, and wedding fairs are where you can get your hands (and mouth) on some delicious free samples. It’s the tastiest adventure ever.

7. Gowns, Gowns And A Few More Gowns

Our favourite thing about wedding fairs is seeing all the gowns hanging their on their racks, stealing every bride’s eye from across the room. It’s every girls dream. So get your camera, make sure there’s plenty of space in your photos and snap all the gowns that shorten your breath. The gowns rocked by models, the gowns slunk over hangers, and the gowns gently blowing in the wind every time the venue door opens. And you can try them on to your heart’s content. It’s the part of your wedding planning you’ve been waiting for since you first got engaged. Just maybe go with some idea of what you want first by reading our Essential Guide To The Different Wedding Gowns.

8. Wedding Fairs Are Oh-So-Fun

If you think attending a wedding fair is going to be hard work, you need to think again. This is your chance to have some serious fun, walking through the arches of a potential venue, arm in arm, ready to dance this way and that as you embrace all the unexpected delights, smelling beautiful bouquets here, tasting a selection cakes there, taking selfies with a sparkly tiara on your head and sipping champagne as you go. And it’s freebie heaven - the wedding magazines, bubbles and sachets of scented bits n’ bobs. This isn’t a chore - this is an unforgettable day out where your dreams first get to fall into place and meet reality. It’s your chance to make your engagement memorable, and rightly so. You won’t be attending any wedding fairs after you’ve walked down the aisle and said I do. Not like this. Not with all the attention on you. So what are you waiting for. Come say hi to us this weekend.

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