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Your Guide To The Most Romantic Things To Do In Norfolk

When you close your eyes and imagine running off on a madly-in-love romantic break, you're brain probably conjures up old grainy cinematic images of a far-flung paradise, strolling hand-in-hand with your soul mate along a white-sand beach lined with curved palm trees as the sun paints the sea fifty shades of amber - and we get it. This sounds so magical we're probably going to open up a new internet tab the second we're done writing this post and head to Skyscanner.

But as lip-biting-ly good that sort of romantic endeavour sounds, you don't need to cross oceans to have the fallen-in-love adventure of a lifetime. Why? Because that's exactly what Norfolk is best at. It's that secret pocket of planet earth that promises to steal your heart every second of every day, and give you and your soul mate memories you'll never forget.

It's beautiful beaches, gorgeous coasts, enchanted woodlands, lovely landscapes, magical market towns, charming cities and big skies so wow they'll make you wipe tears from your eyes.

So, whether you're looking for ways to make your wedding weekend even more unforgettable, planning the mini-moon of your dreams, celebrating your first anniversary or just surprising your best friend with a romantic escape, here are the most romantic things to do in Norfolk. Now go fall in love all over again.

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