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10 Crazy Romantic Ways To Announce Your Engagement

Because how it looks on the 'gram matters most...

If you've ever been proposed to, you'll already know this, but if you're hoping that 2020 is the year bae drops to one knee, listen up: the moment you get engaged, all you'll want to do is scream yes! and then scream he/she proposed! from the rooftops!

Well, Instagram is that rooftop. It's your chance to tell the world you've found the one, tied your souls together and committed the rest of your forever to one another (and then watch as the likes climb and the comments make your belly flip).

That said, a social post takes some seriously creative planning, which is where we come in. From the No Paps shot to a Starbucks snap, here is all the Insta-worthy inspiration you could need for your proposal announcement.

1. Written In The Sand

Everyone wants their proposal to be remembered forever, and nothing is more memorable than popping the question during a sunset stroll along a faraway beach, the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore behind you. That's a moment you'll carry in your heart forever -- and it also offers up the perfect way to share your love story: by writing the words "we're getting married" in the sand with a picture of your shiny ring finger in front.

2. Mug Shot Selfie

For those who are more than content with a low-key announcement that draws out a thousand awwwws from their followers, this one is for you. Wearing nothing more than basic makeup and your silk pyjamas, why not snap a selfie of you holding a "does this ring make me look engaged?" mug with your ring on show for all to gawp at. After all, who says the groom needs to be in your engagement photo, anyway (although, you could get two of these mugs and take the cuteness levels up to 1000).

3. Tie A Knot

We love a play on words as much as the next romantic, and it doesn't get more gorgeous than sharing your engagement news by tying an actual knot in piece of rope, especially if your backdrop is a beautiful lake. The photo will be stunning, your friends will go crazy for it and you'll certainly get bonus points for your creativity too.

4. Hand To The Camera

Also known as the No Paps shot, no announcement photo is as sweet, simple and heart-melting as the classic hand-to-the-camera pose -- and you don't need a professional photographer wait nearby to get the perfect result. Simply whip out your iPhone, turn on portrait mode and revel in the beautifully blurred moment of your life. You could even write something like "I said yes" on your palm with your ring turned around for all to see. Now that's how to do it.

5. Be The M in Married

Whether you had the question popped in a woodland glade or a white sand beach, on top of a mountain peak or beneath the twinkling stars, this one could be perfect for you -- stand with one arm flat by your side and the other gripped tightly to your new fiancé's (eek!) to create an M-shape and, voila, you have the shot you need to get your creativity on. From your love of adventure to your biggest adventure yet, what could be more fitting.

6. Spell It Out

One of the most Insta-worthy shots you could ever take is one that puts a unique spin on everyone's favourite childhood game: Scrabble. Close your eyes and picture the scene now, the words "I said yes" spelled out in little wooden tiles alongside a big bit of sparkle. Trust us: if it's a smile you want to spread, this is the way to do it.

7. 100% Air Punch

Because so many of your favourite people will be jumping for joy when they hear the news of you becoming Feyoncé, why not snap a picture of your fiancé jumping for joy too. With portrait mode on, snap a shot of your sparkling hand with the man of the moment in the background, air punching with everything he can give. It's a total winner.

8. Fingerprint Heart

Not everyone wants to go down the loved up photo route, which is totally fine because there are a thousand ways to melt hearts without posting a picture of you and your ring smiling -- and our fave is a DIY card with a fingerprint heart made from both of your ring-fingers. It's a proper awwwww moment, especially as they could easily double-up as a STD 9oh, come on, we mean Save The Date).

9. The Starbucks Shot

Listen up coffee lovers (which is all of you): whether you met in a coffee shop, went to Starbucks for that nervy first date or simply bonded over your love for a 200 degrees blend, why not share your super-exciting news with the wold by scribbling Mr & Mrs To Be on the side of a Starbucks coffee cup. Not only is the idea adorable, but the photo will be totally Instagram worthy (just maybe don't ask the barista to write it for you unless you're happy being called Micah and Missy E or something).

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