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The Only Pieces Of Marriage Advice You'll Ever Need

There's only one thing more magical than being young, clueless and madly in love, and that’s growing old with the one you love without ever letting go of those fluttery butterfly feelings of excitement.

When every couple walks down the aisle with stars in their eyes and some dance in their heart, they share one thing in common: you want to be in love with the love of your life forever, enjoying an endless sleepover with your favourite weirdo. That’s what marriage is. It’s doing all you can to make your honeymoon period last longer than that jaw of pickled gherkins at the back of your fridge. It’s finding a way to fall in love with each other, every day, all over again.

It doesn’t mean you will always agree, see eye to eye, or never have an argument. It means, despite the bad days, the hiccups and the unavoidable bickering, you can’t imagine your life without that person.

So, without further ado, here are the best pieces of marriage advice EVER that will have you and your SO running into the sunset of your happily ever after until death do you part.

1. Choose To Love Each Other.Especially in those moments where you’re getting under each other’s skin and struggling to like each other. Love is not just the greatest feeling on earth, it’s also a commitment.

2. Make Time For Date Night.We all live busy lives - sometimes super-busy - but you should never take the time spent with your SO for granted. Time is the currency of loving relationships, so make sure you invest all the time you can into yours, and enjoy the marriage-magic that is a consistent date night.

3. Laugh All The Time.

There’s only one sound more amazing than hearing the love of your life laugh, and that’s laughing together. It’s the best. That’s why you need to share moments of joy, learn to laugh at yourself, reminisce over the good times, and find reasons to laugh even when times are hard.

4. Give Each Other The Best YouYou are the most important people in each other’s lives, so make sure you are giving them the best you possible. Save the best for them and give everyone else what’s leftover, not the other way around.

5. Cherish Your Bond Of Trust.

That means you never lie to each other. Never. Lies will break your trust and trust is the foundation of every awesome marriage.

6. Arguments Are Healthy.But only when they are done right. That means staying on topic, never saying something you don’t mean, avoid getting personal and, above all else, remembering there are no winners and losers. You are madly in love partners, and that means you are partners in everything - so you either win together or lose together. Make sure you win.

7. Always Answer The Phone To Them.If your phone rings, and it’s your love, answer it. Always. And try and put your phone away or out of reach when you’re with them. Quality time is the best time.

8. Ride The Same Wavelength.Yup. We’re talking about communication. It’s super-important for a healthy marriage. It’s being able to talk to each other about everything, and knowing how to communicate on the core stuff. And it takes practise. So book a table at your favourite eatery, or cook dinner at home, and enjoy a two-hour, distraction-free meal alone together and be totally into each other. Take a real interest in each other.

9. Secrets Aren’t Welcome.Unless it’s a surprise party, a gift, a romantic date, or a secret escape to some far-flung paradise, never keep secrets from each other. Secrets are like kryptonite to intimacy.

10. To Err Is Human, To Say Sorry Is Divine.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s utterly natural. But when you've made one, admit it quickly, say you’re sorry, and humbly ask for forgiveness. Always. And if you’re the one being asked for forgiveness, give it to them quickly and move forward together.

11. Be Model Spouses For Your Kids.

It’s not always easy, but try and enjoy the sort of marriage that will encourage your sons to grow up to be good husbands, and your daughters grow up to be good wives. To be good people, full of respect, love and commitment.

12. Be Their Biggest Cheerleader. Your role should be to encourage not criticise. You should support them in every way, help them chase their dreams, and be the one who wipes away their tears - not the one who causes them.

13. The Bedroom Matters. A bit of bedroom fun isn’t enough to build a strong marriage, but it's almost impossible to enjoy a happy marriage without it.

14. If You Can’t Say Anything Nice.Then don’t say anything at all. Staying silent is always better than saying something mean, especially if you don’t actually mean it.

15. Always Wear Your Ring. Unless you’re washing up. Why? Because it will remind you of the way your SO gives you butterflies, how madly in love you are with them, and it will help you tell the world you married a babe (and that you’re off limits too - woohoo).

16. Say Thank You For The Little Things.Take notice of all the amazing, positive and kind things your soulmate does in a day, and then thank them. Words are great, a card is better, and flowers top it all.

17. Take Care Of Yourself. It’s easy to get comfortable and let your appearance slide. Think about the effort you made when you first met, and when you began chasing each other. Try and maintain that pride in your appearance throughout your marriage.

18. Your Marriage Is Your Most Amazing Relationship. But it shouldn’t be your only relationship. Seeing friends, enjoying weekends away with pals, and being your own person are also uber-important. Not just for you, but for keeping your marriage interesting. Trust us: you’ll be a much more interesting person as a result.

19. Divorce Should Never Be An Option.Not every marriage was meant to be, we know that. But you should try and remember that every "perfect marriage" is just two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.

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