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8 Pieces of Wedding Day Advice From Real Brides

We know what it's like being a bride-to-be. You've signed-up to all the best wedding blogs, read all the bridal books in Waterstones, downloaded an embarrassing amount of planning apps, made pinning your most popular hobby and have added your wedding planner friend to speed dial 1. Yet despite all your prepping, there's a little voice at the back of your head that says: you can never really know what to expect until you've slipped into your gown and started to walk down the aisle.

That's why we decided to ask some real brides that have already been there, done that and got the ring to prove it for their top wedding day tips to help you embrace the planning process, enjoy your big day and leave with nothing but forever memories. So without further ado, here's some amazing advice, from several brides to another.

Live In The Moment More Than Once

"Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of blurry memories, smiles, clinking drinks and everything else, so make sure you stop every so often to just take it all in. Start by really looking around at your family and friends and think about just how much they mean to you, as this might be the only time you ever see them all in one place together. Then look at your new spouse and think about the love story you've made together, the future that lies ahead and how incredible you feel in that moment. Trust me: there will be times in your marriage when that moment and those feelings are all you need, and that no matter how challenging life gets, you can get through anything together." - Lauren, 28

Take Your Time When Wedding Planning

"The best thing that happened to us was having to postpone our wedding. It meant George and I got to spend 18 months planning our wedding, which not only made it less stressful but allowed us to get on top of things earlier so that we could start budgeting properly and saving up for the bigger things we really wanted. The way we see it now: you only get one chance to plan your wedding, so you may as well swap the stress for smiles.” - Rosie, 32

Break In Your Shoes

“If your friends are anything like mine, you’ve probably heard this piece of advice about 3,671 times already. But seriously, break in those shoes. I didn’t listen to the advice but I wish I had. In fact, if I could go back in time to any moment in history, it would be to the days before our wedding just so I could make my glittery shoes called that much more comfortable. You probably won’t notice at the time because wedding adrenaline is a thing, but the day after, those soles will be sore!” - Amanda, 38

Take Time To Make A Toast

“At pretty much every wedding we’ve attended as guests, we noticed most of the speeches and toasts were performed by the Best Man, the Maid of Honour and the Father of the Bride. But we decided to do things a little differently and both say a little something during the toasts. We wanted to share little inside scoops on our love story, tell our guests just how much their presence meant and to speak from the heart for a moment or two. Four years on and we still get people telling us how special that moment was.” - Maria, 31

Spend The Night With Your Soul Mate

“This may sound like a weird thing to say, and I get it. But it’s so easy to start focussing on all your guests or worrying about whether your friends are having a good time instead of spending your evening with the person you just committed your forever too. I wish I could go back and do that better. I loved spending the morning with my mum and I loved dancing the night away with my bridesmaids, but I wish I could have spent so much more of the day with my husband, dancing, laughing, sharing the moments and making memories together.” - Ciara, 29

Make Sure You Eat

"Eating is not cheating. Nor is eating going to stop you from fitting into your wedding dress and looking incredible. But not eating might just ruin your wedding day. That’s because eating gives you energy and will stop you feeling sick, nauseous, irritable and tired at a time when you want to dance until dawn. So make sure you eat regularly, snack often and maybe even ask your caterers to have a couple of little pick-me-ups ready through the evening so that you can live your best life. Maybe ask your most reliable bridesmaid to make sure you do too." — Steph, 34

Steal Your Spouse For A Moment

“The best piece of advice I received before our wedding was to sneak off together during the reception. So we did. While the party was in full flow, I grabbed Paul by the hand, led him onto the lawn outside the Pavilion and we sat down on a bench together, beneath thousands of twinkling fairy lights, and watched out guests having the time of their lives. That is a moment I’ll cherish forever. We laughed, smiled, cuddled, kissed and enjoyed our wedding together without any distractions. It was perfect.” - Kate, 40

Have Disposable Cameras Everywhere

“No matter how amazing your wedding photographer is, they can’t be everywhere all the time. They can’t capture every candid moment or silly moment. Sure, that’s what iPhones are for, but you probably won’t see all of those shots. That’s why we bought thirty disposable cameras and dotted them around the venue. Not only did our guests love the novelty, but getting them developed felt like Christmas morning. There were so many amazing moments we would have missed that have become some of our favourite photos ever.” - Natalie, 25

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