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12 Details That Will Make Your Rustic Wedding Wow

There aren’t many wedding styles that manage to feel laid-back and lavish, ethereal and chic, down to earth and natural, outdoorsy and sophisticated all at once, but that’s exactly what a rustic wedding manages to do. That’s exactly how they look and feel. In fact, that’s exactly how a wedding should look and feel. It should merge raw charm with elegance, romance and femininity; the sound of champagne sloshing in glasses as your guests dance and laugh, talking to one another with mouths full of canapes before pausing for a handful of moments to take in the setting of your most magical big day; a setting that boasts the romance of a wedding and the atmosphere of a countryside soiree.

If this sounds like your dream wedding, and the perfect backdrop for celebrating your love story, then you are going to love these rustic wedding ideas, and so will every. single. one of your guests. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a more formal vibe or wanting a bit of countryside chic, we promise, these details will knock your garter off.

Pick A Breathtaking Barn Venue

There’s something immeasurably romantic about saying the words "I do" in a rustic old barn, the words dancing around in the gorgeously exposed beams and into the eaves; the whoops and cheers of your teary-eyed guests echoing off the exposed brick walls until the whole space is filled with euphoria. But that’s not all. The symbolism is perfect too because, like every couple, each barn is different and unique, specked with one of a kind details that make it special; that’s what makes a rustic barn the perfect place to spend your first day as Mr and Mrs Happy Couple. And here’s the added bonus: you won’t have to spend so much on decorations or think so hard about creating the atmosphere you want because it’s all done for you.

Strip Your Cake Semi-Naked

Of all the focal points dotted around your wedding revenue, none is going to steal the limelight more than your wedding cake, and what could be more fitting than three-tiers of semi-naked sponge; each of the almost-iced layers looking as demure as they do rustic. It doesn’t matter whether your wedding is in an old industrial factory, a decorated barn or a candlelit tipi, having a semi-naked wedding cake on display is a great way to break Instagram, which is why they are set to take the world of weddings by storm.

No Need For Tablecloths

Rustic wedding chic is all about uncovering what would otherwise be hidden from sight - it’s about embracing the raw beauty of Mother Nature - and one of the most gorgeous ways of doing this is to rip off your tablecloths, uncover your gorgeous wooden tables and display them for all to see. With the right decor, what would have once looked bare will look fifty shades of beautiful. You might even spot a few of your champagne-happy guests stroking their table setting with a smile, whilst muttering the words, “what a genius idea,” to their neighbours on either side. And rightly so. The best ideas are always the simplest.

Go For A Wildflower Bouquet

When you walk through the barn doors of your perfectly-rustic venue, you don’t want to be carrying a bouquet of peonies that sits neatly in your hand. You want to be clutching a bouquet of wildflowers, roses, hydrangeas, sprigs of lavender, flowering asparagus and all the trailing foliage you can get your ring-bearing fingers on. Making a rustic wedding work means embracing it at every chance you get; it means embracing the perfect imperfections, being a little rough around the edges and still looking a million dollars, and that’s what a wildflower bouquet does so well.

Vases Out, Jam Jars In

There are a million reasons why we love a centrepiece of jam jars, from the rustic edge it gives each table to the budget-friendly solution it gives each madly in love couple, to the chance you have to personalise each one. Wrap them in hessian and lace ribbon, pop a twine bow around the top and have a collection of three jars next to each other - one for your floral centrepiece and the other two for flickering candles. What’s more, you can have someone in your bridal party take on this task for you. You could even pair up your single bridesmaid with his single groomsman and see if Cupid’s arrow sticks.

Rock A Bohemian Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is more complicated than trying to solve an algebra equation written in hieroglyphics; there are just so many styles to choose from. But this decision gets a thousand times easier when you know you want a rustic wedding because nothing will go better with your old barn backdrop, wildflower bouquet and jam jar centrepieces more than a boho-inspired wedding gown, especially if you follow this theme when dressing your bridesmaids too. You will utterly gorgeous.

Flowers In Your Hair

If you’re the kind of girl that would rather wear flowers in your hair than diamonds around your neck, this is your chance to make that wish come true, completing your boho look with a tiara of flowers. So, instead of opting for a traditional veil, have your florists create you a flower crown for your big day or, if you fancy get all arts and crafty, you could try your hand at making your own, and then pressing it into your wedding album before heading off your honeymoon so that you can forever enjoy what you made.

Marry Mr Rustic

If you think it’s just the bride that can walk down the aisle in a rustic-inspired outfit, think again because there are so many ways the groom can embrace this style with open arms, rocking a bit of countryside chic as he waits for you in the front aisle, desperate to get that first glimpse of you. Instead of opting for black, navy or grey, you could have him pick out a three-piece tweed suit or smile when you see him wearing a tan waistcoat, tailored jeans and leather walking boots, both of which will look that much more wow if his groomsmen are wearing matching rustic buttonholes beside him.

Chairs Are Fine, Benches Are Perfect

When you close your eyes and think of wedding chairs, your brain probably throws up a hundred images of ice-coloured Chiavari chairs or padded-Bolero options, which are nice but, come on, neither of these scream rustic, which is why you need to forget all about chairs and add a relaxing twist to your wedding in the form of long wooden benches. There will be no hours spent tying hessian bows to the back of them or dressing them up with lanterns. Simply leave them exactly as they are - bare and beautiful.

Go Rustic With Chalkboards And Signs

One of the most perfect ways to add a pinch of personality to your rustic wedding is through wooden signs and chalkboards covered in calligraphy. Have roughly made wooden signs dotted around so that people can find their way to their table, the bar, the ceremony, reception, restrooms, dance floor and more, and have chalkboards decorated with romantic lyrics from your favourite love songs to make your venue sparkle. And then, when your big day has been and gone, hang these beautiful reminders in your home so they are with your forever.

The Romance Of Fairy Lights

The way you light your venue is going to have the biggest influence over your atmosphere, so try to add a warm glow and cosy feeling by hanging lanterns from the trees outsides, fairy lights in the eaves above and dot candles in the corners of your space. Trust us: these dainty lights will create an impossibly rustic and romantic vibe that will look absolutely stunning in your wedding photos.

Big, Glass Drinks Dispensers

Believe it or not, there isn’t a single detail that can’t be given a rustic makeover, and that includes your drinks area. Instead of just having a bar full of bottles, set up a drinks station where your guests can serve themselves gin and tonics from big, glass dispensers. Not only will these look fantastic, they will be a great way to pinch some extra pennies too.

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