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15 Wow-Factor Things You'll Wish You Did At Your Wedding

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

There’s a reason why brides and grooms-to-be (but mainly just brides) can spend hours and hours glued to Pinterest, scrolling through the endless stream of “getting hitched” snaps, pinning this, that and everything to their different boards -- it’s a fear of missing out on all the little things that make a big day wow.

You don’t want your big day to be another cookie-cutter wedding. You want it to ooze with personality, charisma, emotion and wow-factor moments of unbridled uniqueness. You want the day you tie the knot with your “weird as I am” soulmate to be the most amazing day of your life; a flash of love, fun and euphoria that stands out from a lifetime of stories, fizzing across your brain like a shooting star of happy thoughts. And in a world of Pinterest weddings (most of which are probably fictional) brides everywhere are looking for that handful of moments - that handful of pins - that’ll make them say, “Sweetie, we sooo need to do this at our wedding!”

It’s being inspired by other brides, seeing what gorgeous ideas have bubbled up at other big days, and making sure your wedding is filled with all the lip-biting bits that will make your guests gasp, whoop, cheer and dance that little bit louder.

And to help you out, we’ve been busy pulling together some of our favourite forget-me-not surprises to sprinkle over your wedding day, from from tricked-out transportation to mouthwatering midnight grub, and all the romance to make your wedding the touchstone of love. Enjoy.

‘Tie The Knot’ Cards

This could be one of our favourite forget-me-not wedding ideas, especially if you’re tying the knot in our old farm barn full of rustic charm. Not only are they adorable, cute, simple and sentimental, they can be done on a budget too.

Cake-To-Go Boxes

Cake is one of the greatest inventions ever (just look at these cakes if you don’t believe us). But cake-to-go is on another level. Okay, so most of your guests will scoff theirs on the cab ride home because they enjoyed themselves a bit too much, but some of your guests will get to wake up the next day and have theirs for brekky, gushing about how amazing your wedding was with their mouths full of the good stuff.

Happy Hangover Kit

Giving out bars of lavender soap and little bottles of sloe gin as your wedding favours is a gorgeous idea, but giving your guests their very own Hangover Recovery Kit is probably what they really want. And they’re unique too. So either stuff some paracetamol, water, mints and a rom-com DVD into a hessian bag yourself, or head to Etsy and pick up a pretty bag that’s perfect for the morning after the night before.

Love Song Lyrics

Love is one of the toughest things to put into words. Almost impossible. Something only the greatest songwriters have ever managed, bleeding lyrics that read like poetry, embodying all the indescribable truths of falling for The One. So why not use these lyrics to make your venue feel oh-so-romantic. Just ask your friend with the prettiest handwriting to write these 13 knee-weakingly romantic lyrics onto some chalkboards and dot them all over your reception space.

Late-Night Doughnuts

It’s (unofficially) official - there’s not a guest on the planet who doesn't love a tasty midnight snack, and there’s no snack tastier than a doughnut. You could pack and wrap individual doughnuts to give out to your guests come midnight, or you could bring out a doughnut wall for them to descend on with licking lips. They’re like the cutest favours, and they’ll never go to waste.

The Sound Of Love

Saying “I do”, snogging the love of your life to a chorus of whoops and cheers, and then leaving your ceremony to a monsoon is confetti is amazing, but you can make this moment even more magic by handing out some tinkling bells as well. Give your first breath of fresh air as Mr and Mrs the sound of love (and they can double-up as pretty little wedding favours too).

Getting Hitched Gazette

Most wedding ceremonies have an order of service that people read through, sing off and take home to keep in their draw of trinkets and memories. But what would be even more unique, lovely, charming and wow, would be to have someone create a wedding newspaper filled with the order of the day, chapters from your love story, how your love unfolded, photos of your relationship, of the stag do and hen party, photographs from your childhood and letters from your loved ones. Now that would be something really special, and something the superstars at Copper Milk Creative are amazing at.

A Few Fun Facts

Decorate each table with some fun facts about your love story. It could be fun facts about how you met, how he swept you off your feet and the embarrassing things you did along the way. Or it could be fun facts about one another. They’ll be perfect for making people smile, breaking the ice on your tables and getting people to move around to learn more about you. Perfect.

Hashtag Album

Each of your guests will have a smartphone in their pocket or bag, which means each of your guests will be capturing moments from your big day that your photographer might miss - moments between friends and family, moments of hilarity, embarrassing bits and emotional scenes. And the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on these is to make your own Instagram hashtag that your guests can use. Not only will this be fun for them, it will let you to see all snaps your guests took on your big day.

Your Sole Mate

When you’re kneeling at the altar, in front of all your nearest and dearest, family and friends, loved ones and best ones, the soles of your shoes are the perfect place to have a little message scrawled. It could be a love note from your husband-to-be, or a little note from each of your bridesmaids, or it could be a funny gesture to make your guests giggle, like the word, “finally!” written on the sole of your heels.

For The Love Of Art

If you’re looking for an idea that’s as unique as it is fun, as memorable as it is magic, then we’ve got it -- a paint balloon canvas. Somewhere outside your gorgeous venue, set up a little splash zone where your guests can line up in front of paint-filled balloons attached to a big blank canvas. They throw darts at the balloons and you keep the art.

Tricked Out Transport

There are some wedding venues that have everything you could possibly need to tie the knot and have the happiest day of your life (like ours). If you need to shuttle your guests from the ceremony to the reception, however, make the journey fun by hiring some super-cool transport. Hot air balloons, old London buses, American-style school buses, a procession of taxis, or even have a bicycle for each guest.

First Dance Confetti Drop

There are no two ways about it - your first dance is going to be one of those moments you never forget, especially if you up the wow-factor by having a confetti drop ready as you take to the dancefloor. You could even have fresh flower petals drop from the ceiling if you’re first dance is going to be slow and romantic. Oh, just imagine the photos - they’ll be amazing.

Sparkler Exit

We love a sparkler exit. The idea of your guests lining the exit of your venue all the way to your getaway vehicle, the music playing as they scream and cheer and shed a tear, hundreds of sparklers swishing and swirling in the night sky as you and your SO dance away and into your happily ever after (with these amazing bits of marriage advice). Now that’s a send-off.

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