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3 Stunning Boho Chic Ideas For The Bohemian Bride

There's only one thing your wedding needs more of: your personality.

If we were told we could only give our gorgeous couples one piece of advice when planning their wedding, it would be this: always, always add some personality into your celebrations. Traditions are great, but this is a celebration of you and your love story, so go non-traditional and start adding splashes of your characters to your big day.

Besides, just because there's a certain theme that's on-trend right now, or a Pantone colour everyone's loving, or a venue option that's so in vogue at the moment does not mean you have to follow the crowd. Not. at. all.

You see, ideas come and go, and all to often they fall out of favour until they become a) a fad and b) a big wedding regret. So, if you want our humble advice, forget what others are doing and focus on the sort of theme and style that reflects you as a couple.

And here's one of our favourites: the boho chic wedding. If you are into all things sustainable, or you're a super-relaxed couple that loves nature and adores all things kooky, a bohemian wedding could be perfect for you. These weddings are unique in that each one is different and can be bespoke to the couple getting hitched.

Take a look at these three stunning boho-chic ideas for the bohemian bride:

1.Opt For All Things Natural

The centre of a bohemian wedding is your attachment to nature and willingness to bring this into your ceremony. While you don’t have to get married in the middle of the forest (although of course, you can!), you could consider ways of integrating the natural world into your ceremony. Think about wearing a flower crown instead of a veil for your big day. Shun the white in favour of a more muted off white or cream dress. Let it flow long and create a more natural line to flatter your figure.

When considering your floral arrangements, don’t go for the super ornate and extravagant displays that look stuffy and formal, and opt for a more natural gypsophila posy instead. If you are struggling with the concept of bringing nature into your wedding day, consider utilising the wedding planning services of a professional who will work with you to perfect your kooky wedding day plans.

2. Think Entertainment

Forego the usual disco or 1980s tribute band, and opt for something a little more bohemian. An acoustic covers band could be ideal. They can play your favourite tracks and help to create that super bohemian chilled out vibe that you are after.

No bohemian wedding is complete without an array of fairy lights adorning the entertainment area so go wild when putting up the twinklers. If you are after some evening entertainment and catering, a full hog roast can create a more relaxed and informal dining vibe to contrast with your earlier wedding breakfast.

3. A Dreamy Decor

The theme of your decor should be natural and muted tones. Whip up some touches of greenery in every space and consider honing a natural palette for your table decor. Go for natural burnt wood place settings with your guests' names on. This can also be a wonderful keepsake for your nearest and dearest to take home with them.

Think about your wedding stationery and utilise sustainable and recycled paper invites. Encourage your guests to bring their own refillable cups for drinks and go for a plant-based menu for your catering. This can be a little out there, but this is your big day, so you can afford to be a little selfish.

Follow this guide, and you can enjoy the most boho chic wedding on the planet.

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