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4 Ways To Make Sure Your Proposal Goes Off Without A Hitch

Because this moment will change your life forever.

Apart from your actual wedding day, the day you get engaged is one of the most beautiful, romantic, life-changing, butterfly-making, pinch-yourself times in your life. At least it should be, which is why it's 100% worth taking the time to plan, investing some effort and making sure it goes perfectly. Fortunately, you can make sure everything runs smoothly by using the tips in our guide below:

It's all about the 'yes'.

If you're the one dropping to one knee and popping the question, there is probably only one thing on your mind and that's hearing your soul mate say the word "yes". But no matter how sure you are or how many times you may have discussed your future together, proposing is always-always a nerve-wracking experience, and that's even before you've decided to do it in a public place.

To that end, if you're someone who doesn't cope well with pressure, try and remember you don't have to make the proposal completely unexpected. You can make it a surprise, but you can drop little hints in the build up. Have a conversation in the weeks and months before about how you can't imagine life without them, how you feel and maybe even drop in some sneaky little "God I could marry you" when they do something amazing. And if you need a little help on this front, you can find some useful information at

Of course, some couples even go so far as to discuss expectations for the engagement itself. After all, it's a pretty big deal, and it's crucial to get right.

The Perfect Location

The next super-important part of crushing it on the engagement front is the location that you choose. That special place that will melt your SOs heart in the moment and live on forever when you recite the story -- and that's why we recommend picking a place that's especially meaningful to you. That could mean you go back to the place where you had your first date, your first holiday together, that somewhere special they always wanted to visit or even one of these most romantic places to propose in Norfolk.

Alternatively, you could pick a place that you've both loved to share throughout your relationship or even a location you have always wanted to visit together.

In particular, famous sightseeing locations can work well, such as the Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon, or Empire State Building. The reason being that you will have some added romance and excitement thrown in, which will only add to the fun of the whole experience.

The Right Ring

The ring you choose to hold out when you drop to one knee and make your proposal is one of those things that will make this moment even more magical, which is why more and more couples either discuss their wants beforehand or choose the ring together after the actual engagement.

However, if you plan to choose one to present to your partner-in-love, a little research on things such as brilliance, cut, and types like you will find at is a smart idea. And if that's not enough, here is a no-nonsense guide to buying an engagement ring that will make this part so much easier. Then you can be sure you are getting the perfect ring for them, and a proposal that will knock them off their feet (metaphorically we hope).

Making It Memorable

Lastly, there are some added touches that you can make to ensure your proposal is as memorable as possible. Some people choose to include their friends or family or pets on this epic day. We even met one guy even created a great Pride and Prejudice style proposal, complete with costumes and a script.

Alternatively, you may wish to opt for a once in a lifetime experience such as a hot air balloon ride or swimming with dolphins. Of course, the critical thing to remember here is that whatever you choose, it needs to be something that you know your partner will love. After all, they will associate this memory with one of the most important days of their life, for the rest of their life, so you must pick something meaningful for them.

And when it's all said and done, here are some crazy romantic ways to announce your engagement to the world.

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