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6 Norfolk-Based Wedding Photographers To Follow on Instagram

We're all guilty of curling up in a chair (or in bed) and falling into an Instagram doom-scroll session where we mindlessly thumb down our feed, and then move across to the Explore page -- and usually it's fruitless. But it doesn't have to be because, today, we're going to add a bit of inspiration and wow and possibly even some purpose to your IG scrolling. How? By giving you a list of Norfolk-based wedding photographers that you absolutely need to follow right now.

As you are probably aware by now, social media plays a pretty massive part in planning a wedding these days. From finding incredible ideas to stumbling across helpful resources to landing on a page all about wedding stationery, or flowers, or bridesmaid dresses or whatever else you might need help with.

In that spirit, we've rounded up our favourite wedding photographers to follow on Instagram from the moment you get engaged. Enjoy.

There's only one way to describe Hannah and that's a friendly, fun-loving individual with a passion for creative wedding photographs (and videos too). But what sets Hannah a part from the rest is the way she's able to capture moments as they unfold, without needing to intervene so that, after your wedding day comes to a close, you'll have a draw full of perfect photographs and memories to cherish forever -- especially the little things. Your fiancé getting ready, those precious clips of Grandma and Grandad, the funny scenes at your reception, Hannah knows how to capture all the moments you might have missed.

Thomas Brown is the man behind Browns Films, an award-winning wedding videographer that produces the most dreamy and luxury wedding videos you could ever sit back and rewatch. And because he keeps his approach simple, Thomas is able to capture the most natural, beautiful and dynamic videos, and the kind of sequences that tell the story of your special day. From the tears at the altar to the laughing through the speeches, Thomas captures everything from the little moments to the big ones.

For Dan, a wedding is the greatest party anyone can ever throw, whether it's for 15 guests or over 200 of them. And that's because it's all about having the best time with the best people. With that in mind, Dan only has one aim: to capture all of the emotion, atmosphere and love that is present on your special day so that you have the fondest memories of your most precious moments.

For most photographers, the aim is to give you the most wonderful pictures at the end of your big day. But for Heather, it's about more than that. She wants you to enjoy the photographs she takes in the moment too. That's why she is so good at getting the best shots, even when people are not that keen on having their photographs taken -- and she does it while making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

For James, wedding photography is about creating a connection and rapport that translates into each and every photograph he snaps on your big day. That's why his photography is jam packed with infectious love and joy; the kind that you'll want to flick through every day for the rest of your life, as you remember every little emotion from your big day.

As a wedding photographer, Pete has a style that's fresh and creative, and an approach that's both unobtrusive and stress-free. He's basically a friend with a camera, who takes awesome snaps and leaves you with a photo album you won't want to put down. That's because his natural wedding photos are able to tell the story as it happens -- as his Instagram proves.

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