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7 Flower Trends Every Spring Bride Will Love

Of all the months in our calendar, we might love March the most. It’s magical. It signals the start of all things spring weddings. The sun shines for longer, blossom starts to burst from the trees, birdsong fills the air and everything just seems so much greener and fresher and more rose-tinted. It’s no wonder so many brides-to-be dream of tying the knot in spring.

Of course, for us, the best thing about spring is how many breathtaking flowers suddenly come into season. From bluebells to irises, blossom branches to lily of the valley, the colours that burst into bloom at this time of year are nothing shy of beautiful.

But with so much to decide from and choose between and know about, it can be hard to wrap your head around this big part of your wedding’s look, which is why we are going to share the latest big ideas and trends to make your big spring day that much more special:

1. Flowers That Savour Springtime

One thing that will never go out of fashion is using blooms that celebrate the season you walk down the aisle, clasp your fiance's hand, say your vows and start your happily ever after. That’s a promise. Luckily for you, there are so many wow-factor varieties to choose from, and here are our absolute favourites:

Perfect Peony: this pretty in pastel bloom has long been a favourite among brides. It has that perfect cocktail of soft, textured and delicate, allowing it to complement an array of colour palettes and so many styles of gown.

Sweet-Sweet Pea: there has always been something disarming and charming about this purple climber, from it’s elegance to its injection of colour. It’s the secret star of spring, especially this year with ultra-violet being crowned the Pantone colour of the year.

Lovely In Lilac: there are no two ways about it, you need to fill your wedding with this sweet-scented flower and that’s because it possesses the power to bring back magical memories, from first loves to sunny days as a child. Lilac is an absolute must-have.

Tasteful Tulips: they may not have the big, beautiful bounce of a hydrangea, but these vibrant flowers are a fantastic choice for every occasion, they are a flower with the rare ability to make a rustic wedding pop or a modern affair more sophisticated.

Mesmeric Magnolia: we’ve saved the best for last, the magnolia, one of Mother Nature’s most exquisite flowers, polished with class and opulence and possibly, just possibly, the only spring flower you could carry down the aisle on its own and still wow every guest that catches a glimpse.

2. There’s A Wonder To Weeping

The word weep implies a certain sadness, but there is nothing melancholy about a weeping arrangement. Absolutely not. In fact, ask any florist, and they will tell you the combination of draping greens and gorgeous, white, open blooms embodies a natural romance that other combinations only wish they could have. The only thing that shocks us is how it’s taken so long for brides to request this sort of arrangement en masse, something that has started to happen this year.

3. Copper Continues To Melt Hearts

Every year, there is a metallic-accent that brides find almost impossible to resist. Last year it was rose-gold and this year copper has risen as the creme of the crop. It’s how you use this colour that is most exciting, though. We’ve seen copper lilies used in giant arrangements, copper wire used in all-white bridal bouquets and copper vases used to make centrepieces dance with character, making the white flowers and greenery pop and sparkle. If you’re wondering what it is about this metallic touch that’s so special, that’s easy: it adds that extra pinch of warmth and luxe to a space and, when combined with a crisp white look, wow, it embodies style like you’ve never known.

4. Dance With Dutch-Inspiration

If you’ve ever seen a masterpiece from any of the great Dutch painters, you’ll know that the combination of dark iron vases made to burst into life with vibrant flowers is nothing new. It’s a look that has been celebrated for centuries and centuries. But did you know this perfect blend was making an almighty comeback into the wonderful world of weddings, and with undeniable reason too. It’s that brilliant collusion of light blooms, that combination of whimsical greens and industrial vases, that loose and unruly-look that makes it the perfect bridge between a traditional look and a contemporary feel.

5. It’s Better To Branch Out

It may sound like a pretty bizarre thing to say, but one of our favourite things about spring wedding flowers is the introduction of branches, beautiful branches, branches that are just starting to blossom and bloom and decorate their bareness will soft remarks. Our advice: use them as centrepieces on your dining tables and dot them around your venue because, when they’re sprinkled amongst cut flowers, they create a truly beautiful n’ bold statement.

6. Something About Succulents

There really is something special about succulents, something really very special and, right now, they’re enjoying their moment in the spotlight; they’re enjoying their place in every brides big day. Let them burst from the centre of your gorgeous arrangements, use their texture to add a little extra to your table displays and give away mini-succulents as magical favours; a little lasting memory that will see your special day live on amongst your nearest and dearest. There are almost endless ways you can use these lovely, thick and fleshy plants in your decor, so just find what fits in with your dreams and smile.

7. Let A Single Colour Shout

Bouquets have always been a way to show-off a plethora of pretty flowers; a gorgeous globule of seasonal blooms and colours. But one of the most irresistible trends to burst onto the wedding scene is the use of single colour flower arrangements. An ocean of blue, a blanket of soft white, a parade of purple, an array of yellow - using a single colour is an amazing way to create a splash of passion and intensity, each individual flower getting a slice of the centre stage. It’s why you’ll find so many brides sticking with a solo colour palette this year. It’s simple and stunning.


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