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7 Gorgeous Must-Haves For Your Autumn Wedding

Everyone has a different idea of what romance looks like. Some think it is Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, others think it is a hot air balloon ride at sunset and a few people imagine a candlelit table for two down a quaint little backstreet in the cobbled part of Florence, Michael Bublé serenading you as you pop open another bottle of local red wine. But we would disagree with all of these because nothing is more romantic than an autumn wedding. It’s clutching a bouquet of pretty pastel blooms as you walk down the aisle, a lantern hanging on the end of each pew, the world outside turning a blazing shade of burnt orange as you whisper the words “I do”. That’s what an autumn wedding is all about.

It’s about the little things.

It’s about looking out the window and being inspired by the natural romance of this time of year - the carpet of fallen leaves, the accents of rich reds and the shimmer of gold that seems to sparkle everywhere you look. It’s about decorating your reception with a thousand little details to make your wedding feel intimate and cosy and as gorgeously unique as your own love story.

And to help you bring this vibe to your big day, we have rounded up the most amazing must-haves to make your autumn wedding absolutely perfect.

1. Every Autumn Wedding Needs A Rustic Venue

Autumn is the most breath-snatching season. The mishmash of vibrant colours make it feel like you’re staring at an old artist’s palette; the paints half-dried and cracked. That’s exactly why you need to choose a rustic venue to tie the knot and dance away the night, whether that be an old farm barn you can decorate to the eaves or an alfresco spot surrounded by autumn leaves and swaying trees. That’s what makes this time of year so perfect. While the winter chill can be felt in the early morning, it’s still not too chilly to be outside, meaning you can enjoy the prettiest backdrop for your wedding portraits.

2. Hang On A Minute

Like leaves dripping from branches, one of the best ways to emulate autumn is to hang all the decorations you can from the ceiling of your venue. Hang vine-wrapped lanterns from the beams of your barn, drape the eaves in gold garlands and orange honeycombs decor, and suspend all the bulbs and fairy lights you can for but for a more sophisticated hint of warmth. Not all will these moments of cosiness tie in with your autumn ambiance, you will be able to enhance the burnt orange accents without letting them dominate. After all, every autumn wedding deserves to glow with romance.

3. Wrap Your Bridesmaids In Something Snug

The temperatures might still be mild enough for an outdoor wedding and barn ceremony, but you will don’t want to leave your bridesmaids shivering like leaves caught on the edge of a gale, especially when it comes to your wedding snaps. You want them to be all smiles, not chattering teeth and rosy-red noses. Thankfully, being cosy has never looked more chic and the options you have are almost endless. From beautiful boleros to gorgeous jackets, fur-cuffed coats to fleece-lined scarves, pretty shrugs to cosy cover-ups; nothing makes an autumn wedding more complete than a group of cosy-looking bridesmaids leading you down the aisle.

4. Get Your Guests To Snuggle

If nothing is more romantic than an autumn wedding, no detail is more romantic than a row of wicker baskets overflowing with thick blankets and a chalkboard sign that reads, “please snuggle”. While saying your vows, kissing your soulmate, leaving your ceremony to a cloud of confetti and celebrating the next chapter of your love story in your perfectly-rustic venue, you want your guests to feel as warm inside as you do. You want the, to feel more snuggly than a Sunday morning spent in bed and that’s why you want to stash a hundred throws and a thousand blankets around your space for each person to enjoy. It will make your big day feel so much more intimate too. So tell your guests to grab a blanket and get cosy.

5. A Big Slice Of Seasonal Cake

The most gorgeous weddings are the ones that celebrate the seasons and nothing celebrates autumn better than a lemon and blackberry cake on a rustic wood stand. This is the perfect chance to display your chosen style, highlight your colour scheme and make a centrepiece statement that each of your guests will Instagram again and again until they break the internet; the dreamy hues of red, orange, yellow and gold looking so delicious your guests won’t dare add a filter, the surrounding shades of mossy green adding to the autumnal look in the most beautiful way possible. Decorate with your favourite seasonal fruit, opt for a semi-naked design or ask your cake-maker to introduce autumnal shades - whatever tickles your fancy.

6. Comfort Food Is The Best Kind Of Food

One of the reasons why autumn is our favourite time of the year is the food. The falling leaves, shorter days and chilly temperatures all make for the perfect excuse when it comes to indulging in the stodgiest, most yummy grub ever imagined. It’s your chance to serve food that will make bellies rumble and guests smile. Think mini BLT sandwiches and tine cheeseburgers, pigs in blankets and pecan pies, macaroni cheese, doughnuts, candied apples, homemade biscuits and fruit crumbles of every kind. Autumn weddings are made a million times cosier when you serve tasty treats; the tastiest treats. To add an extra dollop of homeliness, enjoy serving some of your family favourites, getting your nearest and dearest to cook the dishes of your childhood and turn your big day into a delicious DIY affair.

7. Drinks That Will Warm Your Cockles

Every autumn wedding is made better by a seasonal bar; keeping the winter chill at bay long into the night as you hand around mugs of warm apple cider, spiced pumpkin cocktails and hot cider nogs. But don’t stop there. On top of having a cosy bar perfect for the season, have a surprise ready for each of your guests too; something that will make the shivers stop and their dancing feet start. Thick and creamy hot chocolates, drinking caramels, maple bacon hot buttered bourbons or even some rum coffees. It’s autumn. That means curling up with hot drinks and thick blankets, and your wedding should be no different.

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