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7 Wedding Cakes To Get Guests Talking & Mouths Watering

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Of all the centrepieces vying for attention at a wedding, one of the most Instagrammed will always be the cake. There are no two ways about it: it’s the sweetest part of your big day; that gorgeously edible slice of your celebrations that will have all your sweet-toothed guests hoping they’re sat near top table and thus one of the first to be given a piece of the good stuff, whether it’s a multi-tiered confection that Willy Wonka could have made himself or a rustic bake that would wow the judges on GBBO.

But for all the deliciousness of this decision, there is one problem: the amount of choice.

There are just so many different ways you can go on the cake front, so many places you can look to for inspiration - the ruffles on your dress, the droplets of rain on the window, the marble pillars of your venue, the brush strokes on your favourite painting or even the crystal detail on your engagement ring.

So, to help you find the perfect cake style for you, we’ve pulled together a list of the most stunning cake trends you need to tell your baker about, and then get ready to enjoy the best tasting session you’ve ever imagined:

1. Go Gorgeous With A Geode

For those couples that want to hear a collective gasp ring out from their guests the moment the cake gets brought out, there is only one cake trend you need to know about right now: the geode cake. They really are breath-taking; a way of decorating your cake with crystals, not just on the outside but the inside too, making them perfect for those couples hoping to create an online album with an Instagram hashtag. But here’s the best part: you can make them work with any colour scheme - black with an opal finish, marble with black crystals, or even a natural cake split down the middle with a pink, gold and red geode construction.

2. Ruffle Some Feathers

Even in a day and age where traditions are stepping aside for more personalised celebrations, brides-and-grooms-to-be still want to keep their big day elegant, which is why cakes covered in subtle flairs of sugar ruffles are so popular. Instead of having a cake finished off with some big, brash and lavish details, a ruffled cake revels in the light and airy look. It’s kind of like a simple and elegant gown in that sense, rejoicing in its delicate and natural wow. All you really need is some fresh flowers dotted along each tier and, voila, you have a cake that will impress at every type of reception.

3. A Stroke Of Genius

If you’re looking for a way to make your cake stand out, like really stand out, then you need to get your hands on a brushstroke cake. They are just one of the coolest, most breath-snatching and sublime designs out there at the moment. It’ll be like like having an edible art installation brought into the room for all to gawp at, jaws slamming against the floor in unison. Right now, you may not have seen many - or any - meaning you can’t quite picture how they look. But pop onto Instagram and look for ‘Kalabasa Feather Cakes’ and your search for an arty and elaborate cake will stop right there and then. Of course, for something like this, we would advise you get a professional cake-maker to do the honours. But if you really want to make your own cake (as many brides and grooms do), what you need to do is melt different coloured chocolates onto wax paper and use a quality paintbrush to create the stroke-effect. Then, once they’ve hardened, simply place them on your cake.

4. Going Green

One of the hottest wedding trends at the moment is all to do with embracing the natural world. It’s using rustic details in your decor, having cut saplings dotted about your venue and seeing Mother Nature get an invite to your big day, and the best way to use this in your cakespiration is to adorn your entire confection in iced decorations until it resembles a beautiful patch of garden or a magical coral reef. You could keep it mostly green and then add a few moments of colours to match the accents of your big day or you could crank the vivid levels up to eleven and make this edible feature a focal point of your reception - it is totally up to you and your forever-to-be.

5. Strip Your Cake Naked

Deconstructed cakes are becoming one of the most celebrated wedding trends thanks to the full-frontal display of mouthwatering fillings; fillings you get to play around with depending on the theme of your wedding or the season you’re tying the knot. A cocktail of bright berries for a summertime bash, a mishmash of apples, pears and blood oranges for Autumn and a mural of flowery fruits for those that are uniting their souls at the first sign of spring. Not only do these kinds of cakes make great memories, they are also a tonic for tired eyes that will see each of your guests bite their bottom lip in absolute awe of your choice of cake. For those having a rustic wedding, just pop it on a tray and enjoy, while those wanting to dress it up a little just have to pop a transparent case over it and then liven up with some fresh flowers and edible pearls. It’s as easy as pie.

6. Perfectly Painted

For those that read last weeks post on the amazing invitation trends you need to know about, you’ll remember we spoke about invitation designers getting a little bit creative with their designs, illustrating and painting and doing all things arty. Well, this trend has reached the world of wedding cakes. Marble-effects have taken off, the stained-glass look is now huge and some are even going for Monet-inspired impressionist painting techniques. It’s all about how you use this style that matters. You might opt for tiers that all match, or you might want to break up the patterns with layers made of block colours or you might decide to get your florist involved and have simple flower accents that compliment your painted cake; so long as you keep all your tiers one shape (either all round or all square), you’ll find your intricately-painted design works wonders and has all the cameras pointing its way.

7. Woodland Wonderland

Nothing beats a countryside-inspired big bash full of whimsical details and earthy accents, which is probably why this trend has reached the world of wedding cakes. Of course, the reason for this is simple: a super-scrummy cake needs to look as beautiful as it tastes, and a great way to do this is to add a dollop of woodland aesthetics to an otherwise natural-looking piece de resistance. Just imagine your elegant ivory frosted cake standing on a wooden plinth, or a moss-covered cake stand, or with a wreath of lavender around each tier. Your simple, minimalist cake will stand out like a single star in a big Norfolk night sky, and nothing could be better than that.

Thanks for reading!


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