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An Unorthodox Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Bouquet

The fact you're reading this either means you've been through the "they got down on one knee and I screamed YES!" scenario, or you are extremely optimistic. Either way, don't worry if you're feelings of total euphoria and brain-fizzing excitement are slightly speckled with nerves. Pre-wedding jitters are as normal as buttered bread. After all, you are about to stroll down the aisle looking a million-pennies to pledge every beat of your thudding heart to that special someone in your life.

That's one part of it anyway.

The other part is hoping the whole wedding thing goes smoother than polished marble because you want to be able to look back years from now and know your big day was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Every moment of it. You'll want to look back at photos of you leaving the ceremony to a hurricane of confetti and just smile. Smile at all the details, from your gown to your hair, and that one thing so many rushed-off their feet brides sometimes overlook when getting hitched: their wedding bouquet.

And to make this decision as easy for you as possible, we've come up with a unorthodox guide to choosing the best wedding bouquet for you.

Pick The Gown First

When you're struggling to decide on the flowers you want to hold, it's probably because you haven't chosen the dress you want to wear yet. But you should. In fact, you should always choose your dress before your bouquet. The reason is simple: everything about the flowers in your hand will depend on the colour, style and design of your dress. Everything. So, when you meet up with your florist, always make sure you've got a picture of your wedding dress with you. It could be a photo, a concept, an illustration, anything. That way you and your flower-wizard can decide on a bouquet that will look perfect with the rest of your wedding outfit.

Consider the Shape and the Size

Another little consideration that often gets swept under the carpet is the shape and size of your bouquet. You want both of these bouquet-aspects to match the features of your dress. For example, if you have a beautiful bustle or a gorgeous train at the back of your gown, then you may find a a bigger bouquet is better; something that's both elegant and luxurious. It's about making each element of your look and feel more proportionate. The reason this is so important to remember is your flowers are meant to be complimentary. They are meant to work with your gorgeous gown, and not risk taking away from your look or make eyes wander away from your dress.

Colour Combinations

In case you weren't aware of this already, wedding dresses don’t actually have to be white (you could even go with black if you so wanted, which is one of our favourite trends at the moment). If, however, you are set on rocking a white gown, you need to accept it can be quite hard to match flowers of the same colour. For example, white and rose-gold hues will only work with very specific dress designs, and if you have chosen a patterned dress then you may want to avoid having a bouquet that's too busy. A great way of overcoming this teeny-tiny hiccup is to ask your dressmaker if there was any leftover material from your dress. That way you can use it to tie a beautiful bow around your bouquet's flower stems and then you may want to match this in with your bouquet by tying a knot around your flower stems. It's such a pretty and delicate way to, well, tie everything together (for want of a less dreadful pun).

Choose Seasonal Colours

Before you set your heart and mind on certain flower arrangements, you need to know that not all flowers are available all year round. Using that knowledge, it's a much better idea to choose a selection of flowers that are in season (spoiler alert: it can cost quite a lot to ship flowers halfway around the earth). We know this sounds like a lot of work and research, but we do have some good news: your florist will know what's in season when and then be able to work with you to create a breath-snatching bouquet to compliment you and your big day. The earlier you can get wrap your head around this the better, though, because, well, the last thing we would want is for you to be let down. That said, nothing is more magical than decorating your wedding with seasonal flowers. Nothing.

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