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Festive Cocktails That Will Make Your Winter Wedding Taste So Good

When it comes to making memories, it's the little things that will make you smile the most years from now; those subtle seconds where you catch yourself in total bliss, and nothing epitomises this more than being sat in a warm barn at your dreamy winter wedding, wrapped up in a tartan blanket as you slurp on a festive cocktail and watch as your guests have the time of their lives. It warms the heart like nothing else.

That's the power of having drinks that keep the season in mind. After all, if you're going to have a signature drink at your wedding (and you really should), you might as well take inspiration from your favourite wintery wonders and create a drinks menu that wows. The tricky part is knowing which ones to choose.

That's why we've been busy rounding up our favourite winter wedding cocktail recipes. There are cockle-warming drinks that promise to make your chilly guests feel toasty during your cold-weather celebrations, and some that are so refreshing you're nearest and dearest will find their dancing feet in know time at all. Whichever you decide on, though, they all have one thing in common: they're super-tasty and packed full of season flavours. Enjoy.

No wedding is complete without your guests raising a signature cocktail to you and the love of your love, so make the most of your winter wedding by going on a cocktail tasting session and popping a couple of these on the menu. Your guests will love you for it.

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