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How To Feel Awesome As You Walk Up The Aisle

10 Ways To Be The Best You On Your Wedding Day

How To Feel Awesome As You Walk Up The Aisle - Thursford Garden Pavilion

With so many different wedding gowns to choose from and a thousand make-up styles to go with, nailing the perfect bridal look isn't easy. That’s why Pinterest has become the unofficial platform for rounding up all the inspiration you could ever need. But if there’s one thing more important than looking a million bucks as you waltz up the aisle, it’s feeling a million bucks.

It’s knowing how to get that wedding glow on the inside and out. It’s about doing everything you can to be the best you on your wedding day, from the moment you wake up, through your rustic barn ceremony, past the first dance, up to your sparkler exit and forever after. That’s been the holy grail for every bride-to-be that’s ever slipped into a gorgeous gown, ran down the aisle and yelled, “I DO!”

The problem is, feeling this good can take more than a pre-wedding facial and palm-full of tinted-moisturiser - and that’s because planning a wedding comes with a rollercoaster of emotions, headaches, migraines and (sometimes) using a tone you hope no one ever uses with you. That’s why you need to give a little dollop of consideration to your own wedding day wellbeing and help those worries melt away long before you arrive at your favourite 6 bed bridal suite.

So, without further ado, here’s how to feel like the best you before you say “I do”:

1. Go Wedmin-Free Once A Week

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Planning

You don’t realise just how much there is to do - and how much your mind can chatter away - until you get engaged and have to start planning your own wedding. But bridal anxiety is a thing - a very real thing. That’s why we recommend you set aside one day a week to doing absolutely no wedding-related things whatsoever. No dress-fittings, table plannings, watch-buying, bouquet-shopping or best man speech vetting (just saying). Instead, enjoy the peace and quiet, connect with other areas of your madly in love life and let yourself enjoy the planning process more.

2. Go To Your Quiet Place

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Relax

That could be a nearby beach, your kid’s bedroom (when they’re at nursery), your yoga class or just a meditation mat you set-upon the living room floor. Whatever it is, quiet time is what every bride-to-be needs. Not only will it relax your mind, you’ll set yourself up for a super-positive day - and when you’re feeling positive, it’s waaayy easier to make decisions and be productive.

3. Bye-Bye Bloat

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Wedding Breakfast

The worst thing about being bloated is it does the exact opposite to your confidence. It shrinks it until you’re feeling awkward about the way you look -- and no one wants that feeling, especially not those madly in love’s about to walk up the aisle. To beat this bloat, tweak your diet the week before you tie the knot. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, but swapping your white bread infatuation for a slice of rye, spaghetti for spiralised courgette, coffee for green tea, beer (or cocktails) for red wine and your fave-rave, super-sugary breakfast cereal for some poached eggs with avocado on sourdough will have you bubbling with confidence.

4. Love The Things You Love

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Doughnut Wall

There’s a reason you love all the little things you do -- they make you happy. So indulge in them. Do the pub quiz on Tuesday’s, go on family walks, enjoy a roast on Sunday, take your nephews to soft play (because you secretly love soft play), and do anything else that helps you stress less and laugh more. After all, the most gorgeous thing anyone can wear is a smile.

5. Your Wedding Workout

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Wedding Workout

For most of us, being late for everything is our only cardio. But when you’re getting hitched, trying to get fit becomes a big part of your life -- just don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We’re all different. And so our bodies. So don’t feel like you have to punish yourself with some gruelling gym workout because you don’t. Not really. Instead, try doing a lot of walking, a bit of running, and mixing in a dollop of weight training, spinning and yoga (while wearing a semi-motivation tee that says something like, “I bend so I don’t break”). Trust us, you can keep your squats low without raising your standards too high.

6. Weight For It

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Thursford

There’s a big difference between feeling healthy and losing weight. Of course, if you’ve got one eye on your wedding gown and have made it your aim to shape up in time for your big day, the best thing you can do is measure your progress in front of the mirror. That’s where you’ll find your healthy body and happy mind, not in calorie counting and looking at the numbers on your scales. Oh and you’ll get that super-sexy “I’m feeling great” glow too.

7. Nothing Compares To You

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Wedding Bouquet

Everyone compares what they’re doing to what other people are achieving, which is more unhealthy than an deep-filled asbestos sandwich. From the way your body looks and choice of wedding gown, to the non-traditional bouquets you’ve chosen to your groomsmen photographs, making too many comparisons can get the better of us and send us into despair mode full of anxieties and worries and hesitation. So don’t do it. Don’t compare your idea of a dream wedding to anyone else’s. It’s a much better idea to know what you want, fall in love with your own wants and plan a wedding that feels perfect for you.

8. But First, Sleep

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Bride Relaxing

When you want to feel as chill as an iced-coffee, the best thing you can do is rest. And by “rest” we mean, “get the best sleep ever.” Good sleep isn’t just the best thing for looking after yourself mentally and being able to start each day feeling revitalised, it’s also amazing for your complexion. Translation: sleep well and you’ll absolutely glow.

9. Water Works Wonders

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Boxed Water Is Better

Talking of glowing, drinking loads of water won’t just make you feel so fresh and so clean on the inside, it will also make your skin glow with happiness.

10. Dance.

Norfolk Wedding Venues - Dance Thursford

“... even if you have nowhere to do it but your own living room.” It will lift your spirits, see a smile spread across your face and have you skipping up the aisle like you’ve just knocked-back a hundred Beroccas. You might have a favourite song you can listen to before you do any wedding planning stuff, or you might want to create a playlist full of your favourites ready to be played on your wedding morning -- and if that doesn’t bring the best you out as you get ready to become Mr & Mrs Forever After, we don’t know what will.

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