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Meet The Best Wedding Photographers in Norfolk

Of all the tasks filling up your wedding’s to-do list, the most personal of them all might just be choosing the perfect wedding photographer. You want someone that matches your energy, can capture your love and snap the kind of candid moments that will bring a teary-eyed smile to your face every time you flick through your snaps. After all, your wedding photographs will become your most treasured keepsake forever, and that’s what makes choosing the right photographer one of the most important elements of your big day, third only to your wedding venue and guest list.

The question is: how do you discover the perfect photographer?

Answer: That’s where we come in.

Forget word of mouth, recommendations and scrolling through Instagram for hours on end because we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite Norfolk-based wedding photographers; the kind that know exactly how to capture every loved-up moment, every laughing fit, cheers boomerang, dreamy detail, cute backdrop and drop of happiness. Ready? Let’s do this:

Winston is not just another wedding photographer. He’s an award-winning wedding photographer, and you only need to glance at his portfolio to see why. Based in the beautiful city of Norwich, Winston’s signature-style is his ability to capture natural looking images full of real emotions and unforgettable moments.

Meet Cara, East of England’s Wedding Photographer of the Year 2022 and the most incredible talent when it comes to capturing raw, genuine, fun and romantic portraits, as well as all the euphoric moments that make a wedding day so special. But it’s Cara’s eye for detail that makes her so good, her photos managing to perfectly capture who you are as a couple: your energy, your spark, your story.

A quick scroll through Hannah’s shots and you can see exactly what her special sauce is: capturing moments as they unfold, without any intervention, just candid creativity. That’s Hannah’s speciality. Capturing natural shots throughout your big day, while also possessing an unrivaled ability to make you smile, laugh and feel so at ease.

A Steven Sparkes photograph is instantly recognisable for its atmospheric and intimate style. They’re shots that feel unobtrusive yet creative, capturing those special moments that need a quick eye for detail even in the most spontaneous of scenes. Packed full of colour, contrast and pure joy, Steven manages to transport you straight to a time and place with just his camera. Sleek, stylish and focussed on the only thing that matters: moments of love.

Peter’s shots have a way of capturing the whole scene and not just the details, each photograph focussing on the special moments as they unfold as well as the different locations of your venue. That’s what makes him the perfect choice for any couple hoping for a wedding album full of off-guard, creative and romantic shots that will leave you smiling every time you flick through them.

Every single one of Matt’s shots celebrate colour, smiles and depth so that you’re left with a memory box where everything is captured, from your most intimate moments to your guests’ highlight reel. Boasting a style that feels down-to-earth, Matt has an ability to capture your love in a way that will spark an emotional connection every time.

There’s something impossibly cool about a James Powell photograph. The depth, the details, the composition and craft; this is a photographer that manages to add connection and rapport into every shot. Jam-packed with infectious love and joy, he manages to capture every couple’s personality so cleanly, as well as every moment that makes a wedding a totally unique celebration. James is more than a photographer; he’s the ultimate story-teller.

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