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Norfolk Key Worker Wedding Giveaway

We've teamed up with Norfolk's most amazing wedding suppliers to offer one key worker the chance to win a dream wedding valued at over £21,000.

Heroes have always been a thing, a part of life, a source of inspiration and motivation, pride and power, their stories told to fill your heart with happiness, give you the sort of morals that will make the world a better place and remind you that you can do anything you want to achieve. For some, these heroes were exclusive to the fast-paced pages of comic books and the heart-in-mouth scenes of epic movies, And for others, the word hero was the only way to describe the characters in our grandparent's old war stories, ordinary people doing extraordinary things to protect our freedoms.

But for all of us, right here, right now, the word hero is just about the only word in the whole English language that's able to do any kind of justice to the key workers fighting on the front line; the carers and nurses, doctors and midwives, paramedics, social workers and all the other frontline health and social care that wake up each morning, pull on their uniform and step up to help others in the face of such dangers.

We have the upmost respect for all of you, and the resilience, determination and selflessness you show day in day out to protect us and those in our community feels with pride from the soles of our feet to the hairs on our head.

That is why we would like to give back, and the chance to do just this arrived in our inbox just a couple of weeks ago because, alongside Capture Lounge, we are absolutely honoured to be a part of the Norfolk Key Worker Wedding Giveaway, teaming up with some of Norfolk’s most gorgeous wedding suppliers to give you a chance to win your dream wedding worth over 20k! It's nothing compared to what you key workers are doing day in, day out, but it is our little way of saying a massive thank you for everything you’re doing through this exceptionally uncertain time.

Click on the links below to like our generous suppliers pages and to show your support to their fantastic contributions to this amazing prize giveaway.

*To enter this competition, simply click this link and pop your details in the form!

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