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Real Wedding: Alice Loves Helen

Welcome to the summer of love -- and a wedding to match. . .

The fairy lights and beautiful bouquets. The jaw-dropping gowns and laugh-out-loud speeches. The looks of love and tear-filled first dance. This wasn't just a wedding; this was a present day fairytale full of wide smiles, vibrant colours and moments we'll never forget. Unique, romantic and oh-so-perfect. This was a wedding that made the Thursford Garden Pavilion sparkle from start to finish. Making the most of our Holly Lodge bridal suite, Alice and Helen arrived in style (we're talking about a convertible flanked by motorcycles) before walking down the aisle of our Old Farm Barn, a space that dazzled from the moment you set eyes on it, the rustic details and pretty colours brought to life by the streams of sunlight that delicately poured in through the windows. Yet it was the moment itself that made this venue steal your breath; the words "I do" dancing around in the exposed beams and up into the eaves as the whoops, claps and whistles filled the barn with total euphoria. Then, covered in confetti and smiles, everyone waltzed into our Magical Museum where this stunning couple did what every couple dreams of doing: they did it their way.

There was laughter and music, happy tears, loving cheers and the sound of our vintage fairgrounds filling the place with joy as everyone hopped onto our vintage rides; our famous carousel quickly becoming a prop for the most perfect wedding snaps, from group shots to those candid moments. There was good food and fine wine, a bouncy castle (literally) and a backdrop of twinkly fairy lights everywhere you looked. Portraits taken in our postcard-perfect grounds, romantic moments in our impossibly quaint courtyard, laughter-filled speeches and a dance floor filled with dancing feet, just as it should be.

And in the centre of it all were Alice and Helen -- dancing, laughing and falling even deeper in love every time they caught the other's eye; their hearts so full of joy it filled the entire Pavilion. Like we said: This wasn't just a wedding; this was a present day fairytale.

"There truly are no words to give this place the credit it deserves. What a magical, beautiful, perfect venue it was. If we could do it all over again we would in a heartbeat and we wouldn't change a single thing."

*All photographs by the incredible Belinda Buxton


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