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Real Wedding: Scott & Lucy

The dreamiest wedding you could ever imagine.

The thing about the Thursford Garden Pavilion is it's a little bit different. Okay, maybe we undersold that because it's a big bit different. It's unique and quirky, magical and memorable and full of forget-me-not details that will make you pinch yourself -- and that's exactly what Scott & Lucy's wedding celebrated.

From the moment this beaming couple arrived on a carriage drawn by white stallions in fabulous plumes, they made an impression that filled our souls with butterflies, and that feeling never vanished. That's because of Scott and Lucy's creative quirks. They filled each table with an almost endless mix of favours and decorations, bringing our pavilion to life is ways we'd never experienced before, and they were all handmade by Lucy herself (who has since gone on to start her own vintage wedding company).

Then there was the epic group shot on our picture-perfect carousel, Scott and Lucy stood arm-in-arm as their guests filled the decades-old fairground ride with smiles and love. And that's just us picking tiny moments in a day filled with the most incredible scenes. There was laughter-filled speeches, bridal photos held in sun-drenched fields, a dreamy first dance followed by a wild night of dancing and tender moments between the happiest of couples beneath a combination of starry night sky and trees filled with a thousand fairy lights. It was nothing but magical. A fabulous wedding that celebrated two of the sweetest people you could hope to meet -- and the memories live on thanks to James Powell's incredible photographs.

Here's what they had to say about their big day:

"Thursford is a new and exciting venue and it was able to offer us what we wanted which was a mixture of the old with the new. So much care has been put into this new location for weddings that at times we had to pinch ourselves to make sure that we were not dreaming. Charlie was top notch and kept us on our toes during the planning part of the wedding and on the day of the wedding nothing was too much trouble for him and he made our guests feel welcome and comfortable. The guests were entertained by the rides on the gondola and carousel and by the slick service of the drinks after the ceremony. We were made to feel like one of the Cushing family which made the whole process so much easier as we felt that we could call up and ask any questions and this helped to reduce the pressure and stress of planning our wedding. In short this is a truly unique venue with so many unique photo opportunities and it will have your guests talking about your wedding for weeks and weeks afterwards."

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