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The Magical Meanings Behind Your Favourite Wedding Flowers

Unless you've got a Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S-style wedding book, meaning you've had every scenario accounted for and everything planned to a T since you were nine-years-old (quote: "this baby has everything"), you'll have probably realised choosing stuff for your wedding is difficult. Dresses, caterers, music, signature cocktails, stationery; it's all harder to work through than an Olympic-size swimming pool filled with treacle and topped with marshmallows - and none more so than choosing your wedding flowers.

Do you go on colour? Size? Style? Season? There's just so many ways you can approach this choice-packed part of the planning process. That's why we've come at it from an entirely unique perspective: to make your life a dollop easier, why not choose your blooms based on their meaning?

That's right, each flower symbolises something else. It's called the "language of flowers" and it's an ultra-romantic way of replacing words with flowery-love. It's why we started saying "I love you" with roses, "sorry" with lily's of the valley and "thank you" with pink carnations. Flowers speak a language we sometimes can't. They convey emotions when we're lost for words.

So, to run with this flowerful approach to picking your blooms, we've created a list of flowers with truly gorgeous symbolisms. All you need to do is decide which message means the most to you and spread the love everywhere. Happy flower picking.

In a world where the little details count for so much, we think every madly in love couple should suffuse their wedding flowers with symbolism. Just imagine how many "awwwwwws" you'll hear when word gets out about why you picked the blooms you did. Magical.

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