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The Most Iconic Wedding Gowns In History

From the moment the words, “I do!” skip off your tongue and into the ears of your shaking and sweaty-palmed soulmate, your mind will have been dancing along the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue, the boulevard of Rue de Rivoli and London’s Bond Street, as you picture yourself in every style of wedding gown possible - lace, satin, white, cream, long, short and wide. But when it comes to getting inspiration for your big day gown, you can forget Pinterest for a moment, because it’s the weddings that graced the front pages of national newspapers and the centrefolds of glossy magazines that will make your mind whir and stir the most.

Trust us: the world's most famous wedding dresses have come in every style and guise, each of them offering something entirely fresh and new and wow for you to take inspiration from. It doesn’t matter whether you want to celebrate tradition in almost every way, break all the wedding rules out there, add a bit of 1950s glamour to your look or find a way to be both sexy and sophisticated, there is a look you can recreate out there, somewhere.

Of course, no one has time to sit through a three-hour TV show where the E! Channel runs through its most iconic wedding dresses of all time, only to find out the one they loved the most was the one Cheryl wore when she married Ashley (spoiler alert: it wasn’t good then, and it hasn’t gotten better with age).

So, without further ado, here is a list of brides and dresses that made an indelible mark on the world the day they walked down the aisle, and looks that continue to inspire newlyweds the world over. Enjoy.

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