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*These* Are The Most Gorgeous Ways To Involve Your Kids In Your Wedding

Make your wedding day the most magical time ever with these 13 ways of including your little ones in the celebration.

The moment you have kids, your life changes, your priority list realigns and the amount of love in your heart grows so much you didn't think it was possible - so it's no surprise you want to include your gorgeous little ones in your big day. They're you're everything, and you couldn't imagine walking down the aisle without them. The tricky bit is trying to find ways to include them in your wedding that feels gorgeous and heartfelt and magical and wow.

Of course, the best way to answer this question is to ask your kids what role they want (or would feel most comfortable) playing when you tie the knot, and to given them some age-appropriate options to help them out.

And to help you out, we've pulled together a few (okay, thirteen) of our favourite ways to include your kids in the most beautiful day of your life (and then, once they've done their bit, you can let them entertain themselves on our outdoor playground while you let your hair down):

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