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Welcome To Our Magical Museum | Wedding Venue

The thing about Thursford is there's so much more than meets the eye. At first glance, our venue looks exclusively-reserved by our wedding-white Garden Pavilion, the centrepiece of our postcard-perfect grounds. But our pavilion is just one piece of our pretty package. From cobbled courtyards to walled gardens, our Old Farm Barn to our perfectly manicured lawns complete with winding walkways and half-a-million fairy lights. And yet the piece de resistance is our Magical Museum.

It's that something different for those couples that are something different; those couples that embrace their quirks, celebrate their personalities and love their uniqueness. Hiding deep inside the Thursford grounds, beyond the Pavilion and past the goosebump-giving atrium, our Magical Museum provides something totally unexpected that you'll remember forever and a day. Lined with wonderfully restored steam engines, framed by our world-famous and truly-spectacular stage, our Magical Museum is full of vintage moments that will see your jaw hit the floor. Enchanting carousels, spellbinding gondolas, a collection of age-old fairground rides and so much more, all of it coming together in total harmony to leave everyone that enters utterly speechless. It's the last piece of your wedding puzzle that will make sure hearts will skip beats, eyes will spread wide, mouths open is disbelief and a mesmerised "awwwwww" will burst from each guests as their eyes tried to take it all in.

And that's not all because the magic spills out into the cobblestone atrium too, where we have a classic ice-cream parlour that's perfect for your guests to catch their breath as they enjoy the most delicious Italian gelato this side of Florence.

But here's the best part: you can use our Magical Museum however you want to. Turn it into the most forget-me-not ceremony space, head there to clink drinks and hand out canapés after your ceremony or simply use it as the most magical backdrop for your wedding portraits. Whatever your heart tells you to do.

The point is: there's nowhere quite like it. Just come and see for yourself.

Photos by Winston Sanders Photography.


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