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Your Ultimate Guide To the Different Wedding Dress Styles

There are certain words that make you imagine certain things. It’s called word association. For example, if we were to mutter the word “aeroplane”, the first thing to pop into your head would probably be “holiday”. If we were to say “salt” it would be “pepper”. “Sun” would be “moon” and “Gosling” would be “total freaking babe”. It’s the way the brain naturally works, so don’t panic that you’re getting ahead of yourself just because it’s only been six and a half minutes since your soulmate dropped to one knee to pop the most nerve-stricken question he has verbalised and you’re already thinking about what sort of gown you want to walk down the aisle in. The dress is almost always the first thing that flutters into a bride-to-be’s mind.

The trouble is, finding the perfect dress can be harder than finding Wally on a page full of London Underground signs. There is just so much choice, so much noise, so much lace and satin and colours and styles that finding your perfect gown can take weeks of time and sleepless nights of effort.

The reason we are telling you this is simple: if you’re feeling an overwhelming pang dance around your belly as you glance at all the different styles, unsure of which to go with, don’t worry. Instead, take a nice lungful of oxygen, accept every lucky-in-love girl goes through this and try not to feel lost in the wonderful world of bridal design terminology and jargon. The reason there are so many different styles and shapes and silhouettes and textures is because every dressmaker wants to create something special for each and every bride - that something that will snatch their breath and make the man at the end of the aisle shed an “I’m the luckiest guy alive” tear.

Nonetheless, if you are feeling a bit baffled about what style you want or what neckline you should opt for, our essential guide to the different wedding dress styles will tell you everything you need to know. Sure, this isn’t a complete list, but it does run through the most popular styles and necklines in the wedding world. Now go and find that white gown that will make you smile forever and make your husband’s eyes sparkle as he falls madly in love with you all over again.

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