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10 First-Dance Songs That Your Guests Won't Be Expecting

Because Etta James has been done before...

Don't get us wrong, we love Etta James and Ed Sheeran in equal measures, and if there was ever a way for them to do a duet (you know, using technology) we'd be so down. It's just that, errrr, if we had a quid for every time we'd whooped and cheered the happy couple as they danced to "At Last" or "Perfect", we'd have enough cash to pay for Ed and Etta to perform live at our next wedding.

Thankfully, a lot of couples have a song that they've claimed as theirs; a song that reminds them of one another and their madly-in-love status as soon as the first note plays -- but not every couple has a song. So why not be a little more surprising when it comes to your first dance by having the DJ play one of these totally under-appreciated bangers (and, yes, you can totally play bangers #whitneyanyone).

Whitney Houston - "My Love Is Your Love"

Picture it now: you and bae dancing across the floor, arms around each other, eyes staring back as all your guests singalong to the Princess of Pop belting out this iconic, love-filled, party-starter.

Madness - "It Must Be Love"

Slow dances aren't for everyone, and that's what makes “It Must Be Love” by Madness an epic first dance tune. Your guests will be dancing, you will be laughing and, if you stop to take in the lyrics, you might just feel your heart melt a little too. "As soon as I wake up every night; every day, I know that it’s you I need to take the blues away."

First Aid Kit - "Emmylou"

What could feel more magical than getting hitched in an Old Farm Barn in the middle of the countryside, and then dancing to a song that's a little bit country and a whole lot romantic. Yeehaw.

Sigala & Paloma Faith - Lullaby (Acoustic)

Dance floor classic? Yes. But has it been totally transformed into a romantic, teary-eyed, wedding-worthy song that's perfect for your first dance? Also yes, and that's because Paloma Faith took it and did her thing. “All I need is somebody near me when my heart gets weak; somebody out there watching over me," is just one of the lines that makes you realise this song is all about loving someone who protects you from everything.

Patsy Griffin - "When It Don't Come Easy"

Not every love story is easy; not every love story is about childhood sweethearts sharing every moment for ever and always. Some love stories - the ones that stick to your soul and pull on your heartstrings - are anything but an easy road. They're full of ups and downs, twists and turns, good times and tough times, which is what makes the big day more special than words can ever explain. But this song is as close as you can get to celebrating your love, the process and the end result.

Taylor Swift - "Delicate"

You could put your hand in a hat and pull out (pretty much) any T-Swift's songs - from "Love Story" to "Enchanted" - but her 2018 single ‘Delicate’ is a serious contender for greatest love songs of all time" and first dance pick. As we all know, Tay-Tay is at her best when she's belting out sensual tribute to the power of love and that all comes to fruition when she lets her vulnerability show with the line. “He must like me for me.”

Velvet Underground - "I Found A Reason"

This one has everything for everyone. Great vocals to swing your hips to, rock n' roll vibe to bring those power moves out and all the heartwarming lyrics you could ever ask for. This is the one.

Beirut - "Postcards From Italy"

We have nothing but love for this song. Nothing but love - and that's because this song somehow manages to balance nostalgia, optimism and romance, while still managing to be upbeat and funky. Basically, it's first dance gold. And if you're shooting off for a honeymoon in Italy afterwards, this promises to be your ultimate send-off.

Bruno Mars - "Marry You"

Bride. Groom. It's time for a lip-sync battle.

Lana Del Rey - "Video Games"

All the cool dance to this at their wedding, and by all the cool kids, we mean Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood -- and we totally get why. Sure, none of your guests will be expecting this to come on as you step on the floor, but listen to the lyrics and you'll realise just how romantic this one is. It's an ode to those madly in love.. “I tell you all the time, heaven is a place on earth with you”.

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