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10 Signature Cocktails That Your Wedding Guests Will Absolutely Love

The drinks that will get your guests laughing, smiling and dancing.

The one major decision you're going to start thinking about the moment you get engaged will centre around what sort of drinks you'll serve your guests. Okay, so you'll probably think about venues and wedding dresses and bridesmaids and a bunch of other stuff first, but the drinking situation is still a pretty big one.

Chances are, you'll have beer on tap and a few cases of wine stored behind the bar and a few more already on your tables -- but there will probably be a part of you thanks thinking cocktails. Our advice: reduce the queues and cost by choosing one signature cocktail.

So, to help you out, we spoke to some of our favourite suppliers and rounded up a list of wedding cocktails that your guests will be obsessed with. And here's the best part: all of these cocktails are affordable and easy to make (meaning you can throw a few together before your wedding to make sure you've found the one).

Creative Cocktail Name Ideas

  • Blushing Bride

  • Marry Me Martini

  • Devotion Potion

  • Main Squeeze Margarita

  • Mai Tai The Knot

  • Mint To Be Mojito

  • Appletini of My Eye

  • Wedding Bell-ini

  • Berry Happy Together

  • You & Me G&T

Aperol Spirtz

For those planning a spring or summer wedding, it doesn't get more perfect than a refreshing glass of Aperol Spritz, an elegant drink that looks as delicious as it tastes. From adding a splash of colour to your big day to putting a smile on your guests' faces, this is an easy-to-make cocktail that only requires three ingredients: Aperol, prosecco and soda.

Spicy Margarita

The classic Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the world; a drink full of charm, sophistication and flavour. Made with white tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice and agave syrup, there's a little more to making this drink but it will be oh-so-worth it just for the Instagram photos.

Berry Mojito

A beautiful twist on everyone's favourite mojito cocktail, this berry version takes things to a whole new level with its fruity flavour and bold colours. Which fruits you decide on are totally your choice but we personally love the look and flavour of strawberry or raspberry mojitos, not least because they are a dreamy pink colour.

Fresca Sangria

You can't go wrong with any kind of sangria, but there's something unbelievably perfect about choosing Fresca sangria for your wedding day. This is partly because they're a delicious and refreshing summer drink and partly because they are easy and cheap to whip up. All you need is some cheap bottles white wine, some Fresca and then a bunch of yummy fresh fruits, such as peaches, strawberries and maybe some grapes. Trust us: this is a total crowd-pleaser.

Champagne Punch

There are two reasons this is the perfect cocktail for your wedding day: 1) you can choose to use either Champagne, Prosecco or sparkling wine and 2) you simply add in a scoop of sorbet. That's it. Just two ingredients, both of them delicate and delicious, making it the perfect one for a hot summer's day.


Not only will these light, off-white tipples bring a new level of elegance to your wedding day but they are so simple to make. Made using a combination of white rum, lime and sugar, this is a balance your guests will go crazy for. That said, if you'd prefer to give this drink a bit more colour, try using an aged rum for a richer, darker vibe, which you can then bring to life with a lime garnish.

Hot Toddy

Winter weddings come with their own kind of festive magic, especially when paired with our Magical Museum. But they also come with the responsibility of keeping your guests warm and, in cocktail terms, that means serving up some yummy hot toddys. Better yet, you could create a DIY serving station where guests can help themselves to hot water, the spirit of their choice and all the little extras that make them special, from lemons to honey to cinnamon sticks.

Rusty Nail

If you're looking for an easy-to-make cocktail that looks a million bucks, then it's a Rusty Nail you'll want to serve. Made with a mix of Scotch and Drambuie poured over ice, this punchy tipple is making a serious comeback thanks to it's golden appearance.

Gin & Tonic

Quintessentially English, this two-ingredient cocktail is the easy-to-make, always-enjoyed drink that can served in any season. What's more, anyone can make them. So gather the ingredients and have a barman on hand to keep your guests happy. Of course, to take them up a notch, make sure you consider the glassware, garnish and the flavours of gin you choose.


Trust us: we love a shot of tequila just as much as the next person, but get a little carried away and the best man's speech might go a little off-script. That's what makes a Paloma the perfect substitute. It's essentially a tequila-spike Margarita made with grapefruit and lime juice for a sweet, sour and refreshing tipple. But best of all, it's a soft pinky-peach colour, making it a dream for your photographer.

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