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12 Bridesmaid Photos You Need To Pose For On Your Wedding Day

Because the (second) best part of getting hitched is partying with your Bride Tribe...

Every bride wakes up on their wedding day knowing this will be a moment in their lives they never forget -- and you'll want your wedding snaps to match the memories. Of course, you'll tell your hubby those killer couple shots of you and him are your absolute favourites ("just look how handsome you look") but, let's be honest, it's all about those snaps with your I Do Crew.

This is your Bride Tribe. That mishmash of sisters, besties, college roomies and that work colleague who loves water cooler gossip just as much as you. This is your squad; that group of babes who have always got your back, been there through the good times and bad, and are ready to whoop and cheer as your strut your stuff down the aisle. That's why you need to make sure you capture all the moments you can with them, before you set off on your next adventure, tin cans clattering behind you as you speed off into the horizon.

From the sweet and sentimental to the wild and fun, here are the must-have bridesmaid snaps to highlight on your shot list:

1. Show A Little Leg, Girls

Everyone needs a selfie shot, whether it includes your nose or your toes.

2. Wild Things For Life

This means I get to go with you on your honeymoon right?

3. The iPhone Shoot

It's 2020, so you need a snap of your squad snapping your first kiss.

4. All Dolled Up

Because getting ready together is half the fun!

5. Zip It UP

After all, Queen's don't slip into their gowns alone.

6. You've Garter To Be Kidding

Sliding on a garter can mean battling a lot of tulle, but that’s what your posse is there for.

7. Ready To Walk The Walk

Every bride needs to capture this precious moment before the bride walks the walk.

8. Bouquet Babes

Flowers may not last forever, but this cute photo will.

9. Bringing Sexy Back

Nothing shows off your sassy, cute and bubbly personalities more than the "turn around" pose.

10. The Laughing Shot

A giggle between besties (especially if they're booty bumping) promises to give you that raw and real photo you so desperately wanted.

11. All Together Now

Something borrowed, something blue, something cute with all of you.

12. The Behind Shot

Think of this serene and peaceful shot as a metaphor that says, “yeah, baby, we have each other’s backs."

13. Waiting In The Wings

You won't see the look of love from your bridesmaids as you tie the knot, so make sure your photographer captures it.

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