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13 Epic Wedding Trends For Anyone Getting Married In 2020

New Year, New Wedding Trends -- and 2020's are seriously wow.

Biggest Wedding Trends 2020

There's something gorgeous about seeing a bride waltz into a church dressed head-to-toe in white, but we've also fallen head-over heels in love with the wedding trends set to take 2020 by storm. They're less about that whole going-to-the-chapel tradition and more about choosing your own adventure, as a madly in love couple.

For some, that means not waiting for your happily ever after by only leaving a couple of months between yelling ‘I do’ and enjoying your first dance. For others, it could mean planning a three-day extravaganza for your nearest and dearest. And for a few of you, it could mean breaking some age-old traditions because, come on, who wants to follow the rules when it comes to celebrating your very own love story?

That's what the wedding trends of 2020 celebrate: individuality. And in that spirit, our Thursford Garden Pavilion wedding planners have pulled together their favourite wedding trends to help you make the biggest day of your life the most you-est day of your life too.

Biggest Wedding Trends 2020 Infographic

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