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5 Decisions You Should Make First When Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations! We don't know which way round it went, who got on bended knee and which of you yelled "YES!" -- but who cares: you just got engaged. You found your soul mate, landed your happily ever after and now you get to embark on the magical journey of wedding planning -- and what a rollercoaster ride it is.

Anticipation, excitement, a few nerves and a desperate urge to get started. That’s the natural reaction, and no one can blame you.. That said, COVID-19 has massively affected the world with weddings being postponed and cancelled everywhere, so it's also normal (a new kind of normal) to feel a little apprehensive about the next steps. As if wedding planning wasn't exhausting enough already, right?

With that in mind, we've pulled together a quick list of things you should start thinking about now so that you can plan (and perhaps even book) some of the more important and in-demand parts of your wedding day (including these wedding tasks you can tick off during lockdown).

It's time to overcome the nerves and get excited about... drum roll please... planning the best day of your life!

No.1: The Venue

The venue will be one of the hardest decisions you make, which is because there's quite a lot riding on the place you pick. Is there is a gorgeous ceremony space? Is the reception area big enough? Are there al fresco options? What a magical moments that will take your guest's breaths away? There are so many questions that you need to ask your venue so that you can be absolutely, totally, 100% sure this is the right place to tie the knot, party and then run into the horizon. Don’t be too worried about making this decision, even if you see plenty of options, you need to make sure the venue suits your needs. Face to face viewings may still not be a possibility, but you can check them out virtually and have extensive conversations over email or on the phone (and we'll send you our brochure and videos too).

No.2: The Photographer

Like a lot of wedding suppliers, photographers have been hit pretty hard the last few months, effectively missing out on a whole season of earnings -- so they'll be buzzing about the chance to attend your wedding and capture all those tiny moments everywhere. The thing you need to do is find the right one. So ask for recommendations, look at your venue's supplier list, peruse different websites, check out their Instagrams and email them directly to get a feel of what they can do. You can then book your wedding photographer in to ensure that you don’t miss out. Already people with cancelled or postponed weddings will be making arrangements so don't hang around for too long umming and ahhhing,.

No.3: The Budget

One of the biggest decisions you need to make when it comes to wedding planning is your budget. This is what everything will revolve around. Everyone has a different budget to stick to. The main thing is that you are marrying the love of your life. So try not to get too fixated on what the figure is. Some families like to get involved and help pay towards the wedding. It may not feel like a comfortable conversation to have, but get those chats out of the way as soon as possible. This will enable you to make all the big decisions going forward.

No.4: The Guest List

The next thing you can consider is your guest list. This is an opportunity to work out exactly who you want to attend your wedding, and who you don’t intend to invite. However, bear in mind that the guest list subject can be a touchy conversation to have with parents. They may want to include some family friends that you may not have considered. Try and get the difficult conversations out of the way as soon as possible. Knowing your numbers enables you to get quotes and book other things in the future.

No.5: The Flowers

The flowers are one of the things you may not be clued up on. Which is why research and time is important for choosing the right flowers. There is so much to consider. From what you need to what flowers will be in season. This is when speaking to flower shops could help you become more informed with your decisions. The flowers are one of your biggest decoration items, so don’t make any rash decisions.

Let’s hope this helps you get on the right track.

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