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9 Wedding Tasks You Can Tick Off Your List During Lockdown

Let's have some fun with some work-from-home #wedmin tasks...

There are good feelings and then there are great feelings, like finally getting a sneeze out, or taking off your socks after a long day and scratching the sock marks, or when someone with long nails scratches your itchy back. Ticking something off your to-do list definitely falls under the great feelings column, which is why now is the perfect time to start making your way through your wedmin tasks.

Obviously Netflix sessions, HouseParty catch ups and household chores are a great way to keep yourself busy while you’re doing the right thing of staying-at-home, but even that can get a bit boring. What you want to be doing in your spare hours/days/weeks is getting pumped about your wedding because, if there’s ever been a time to be looking forward to something, now is it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve managed to keep your original date or you’ve had to postpone your wedding day, you need to keep that buzz alive, feel that pang of anticipation when you wake up and do everything you can to make the run-up to your wedding one of the most fun and exciting times of your life. It’s a mindset thing, and one we’re here to help with.

We’ve been busy pulling together a list of wedmin tasks you can do from home and will keep you super-excited about planning your big day so that you’re 100% set to get hitched when we’re finally allowed to leave our homes again.

1. Pinterest For The Win

Nothing will put a bigger smile on your face than a big dollop of visual inspiration, which is why you need to get back on Pinterest and start curating the dreamiest boards imaginable. Not only will you have pretty scenes to look at, but you’ll be able to settle on some big decisions, like what theme you’ll go for, what flower arrangements make your heart flutter and which dress styles will make you feel like Beyonce as you strut your stuff down the aisle. Do that and you’ll be ready to chat with suppliers when this is all over.

2. First Dance Practise

We’ve all seen, tried and LOL’d at the different dance challenges doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram. All you have to do is feed off that energy and start practising your first dance routine in your kitchen (OMG, imagine how epic you’ll be with this much time to rehearse). And even if you’re not a natural mover and shaker, you can still get some top tips from YouTube, or you could sign up to virtual dance lessons over Zoom, or you could just watch Dirty Dancing on repeat. Think of it as a chance to have some fun, get some exercise, kick off a romantic indoor date night and dance like no-one’s watching.

3. Do Some Wedding DIY

Put the remote down, turn Tiger King off and, for one hour each night, sit down with bae for some good old-fashioned crafting fun. Asie from the obvious money-saving positives, learning how to craft your own wedding decor will give your wedding vibes even more meaning. And there are tidbits you can have fun with no matter what your creativity levels are. Get in the garden and spray-paint your empty bolognese jars rose-gold, make your own bunting out of hessian sacks and hot glue, start whipping up some boutonnieres for your groomsmen, anything you like.

4. Start Your Wedding Speech

Traditionally, it was just the groom who made a speech, but we think both partners should be able to stand at the top table, declare their love and tell their story with a wedding speech. It’s your chance to share some gorgeous words about your soulmate that they’ll keep in their heart forever. Some traditions were made to be broken, and this is one of them. So rip that page out of the rule book and use this time to try writing a wedding speech. And encourage your wedding tribe to do the same: your best man, the groom, the father of the bride, your maid of honour, anyone that you want to say a few words about your epic journey to pure happiness.

5. Plan An Epic Party Playlist

Imagine the scenes when we’re allowed to celebrate again. The love and the laughter, the dancing feet and disco vibes. Weddings are going to be even better than they were before, with your guests dancing from dusk until dawn to all their favourite tunes. It’s up to you to bring those tunes. For some that will mean a live DJ set, for others it could mean a floor-filling band and for the rest it will mean pressing play on a good-time playlist. Whatever the case, now’s the time to create a list of bangers that you can either play, pass on to your band or suggest to your DJ. And don’t stop there. Make a ‘getting glammed up’ playlist for your Bride Tribe, find that perfect song to dance into your reception to and then pull together some chilled out tunes for your honeymoon getaway.

6. Design A Wedding Website

We. Love. A. Wedding. Website. They’re your chance to get your guests buzzing about your big day, keep track of who has RSVP’d, keep your guests up to date with the latest information, let people know about your menu, throw out some hotel suggestions and sprinkle your personality all over the place. And with so much time to fill right now, you can make yours fifty shades of wow. Have a page dedicated to your love story, upload a weekly video blog about your planning progress, and have a gallery full of your journey together.

7. Create A Quick-Fire Quiz

Table plans are notoriously tricky to get right and incredibly stressful to put together as you try to mix close friends with total strangers they think they’ll get on with. Urgh. But there is some fun to be had and it’s called an ‘Ice Breaker Quiz’. Leave one on each table and watch as your guests have an epic time introducing themselves. The trick is to have two sections to your quiz: one that’s all about you, the happy couple, and the other that’s all about your guests. For the first section, pop down some funny questions about you that will cause a giggle, like why did Dan have to go to A&E on our first date? As for the guests section, here’s where you can have some fun. Simply put a line at the top that says ‘Find someone who…’ and then start adding things below it like: is related to a celebrity, lives abroad, once worked as an ice cream man, used to be in a band. It’ll get all your guests chatting, guaranteed.

8. Perfect The Art of Calligraphy

Now is the perfect time to pick up a new skill, and what could be more wedding appropriate than learning calligraphy. This is a skill that will wow people and make your wedding wow because there are so many ways you can put it to epic use throughout your big day (and before), giving each little detail an extra pinch of perfection. Write the names of your guests in calligraphy on their place cards, scribble your order of the day on a vintage mirror or a wooden sign at the entrance to your venue, or use calligraphy to write your new name (and the date of your wedding) on the bottom of your high heels and on the back of bae’s leather jacket.

9. Enjoy A Date Night

You may not be able to go out for date-night, but you can still have a date night, keep the romance alive and make your one-and-only feel next-level special. It starts with showing yourself some care and is followed very closely by prioritising romance. Take some time to have a bath, do a quick half-hour workout, enjoy a walk around the park, paint your nails, read that book you almost started last summer, or meditate -- whatever you like doing, make sure you enjoy a bit of alone time, and make sure your partner does the same. And then dedicate at least one night a week as a date night. Take it turns to cook something tasty while the other one is upstairs getting glammed up, light the candles and order a takeaway, give each other a massage, whip out a board game, unleash your inner Whitney for some kitchen karaoke or just take the time to learn even more about each other.

Thanks for reading! For more wedding tips, please do follow us on Facebook and Instagram and then tell all your friends to do the same.


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