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6 Amazing Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

Because one day is way too short.

The day of your wedding is truly magical. Sadly, it’s over in just a few hours. Once the cake is eaten, and the band goes home, you’ll have only your memories of the day to enjoy. Thankfully, the memories of that amazing experience can last forever. While there are many traditional ways of preserving wedding day memories, there are creative options to consider too. Whatever you choose, you can relive those memories again and again. Here are six ideas that you could try.

1. Keep A Planning Journal

Even with professional help, planning a wedding is a huge task. That is why many brides keep all of their research and ideas in one place. A planning journal will keep your planning organised and help to communicate your vision to the planner. Instead of throwing this away after the wedding, you should hold onto it. Any journal can work well, but a sturdy book will hold up better over time.

2. Stash The Wine Bottles

Prosecco, wine, and champagne are classic beverages to offer at weddings. Depending on your guest list, you could easily go through tens of bottles. Once these bottles are empty, you should take a few home. These could then be cleaned and used to store other wedding mementoes, like confetti. You can also stash away a few full bottles to drink on your wedding anniversary.

3. Hire A Great Photographer

Having amazing wedding photography is important to most couples. Because of this, you must hire a professional wedding photographer, like Andrea Matone. Whoever you hire to take your photographs must have an amazing portfolio. They should also work in a style you love. With great wedding pictures, you can create a photo album, collage, slide show, and much more.

4. Press The Bridal Bouquet

Although many brides throw their bouquets, you might want to keep ahold of yours. Many floral pieces, including bouquets and boutonnieres, can be preserved to remain intact for display purposes. A professional wedding flower preserver has many methods for keeping flowers looking beautiful. They can even turn them into wearable keepsakes, like pendants and rings.

5. Make A Replica Cake

Everyone knows that cake goes bad if you leave it out. However, if you were to freeze your wedding cake, you can wait to eat it for a little while longer. Because of this, you might want to keep a tier of your cake away from any hungry guests. If this doesn’t sound appealing, then take pictures of the cake instead. You can always hire an artist to create a replica made of clay.

6. Makeover Your Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns are typically only worn once. If you’d rather wear yours more often, then you could give it a makeover. Turning your wedding dress into a skirt, or even a more casual dress, would allow you to wear it whenever you wanted to. Alternatively, you could take a piece of lace from your dress and turn it into jewellery. This would leave the gown mostly intact.

A wedding day only last twenty-four hours, but with the ideas above, you can preserve the memories of that day for a lifetime.

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