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7 Reasons To Say "I Do" To A Midweek Wedding

Couples are falling in love with the midweek wedding and we totally get why...

When it comes to devoted fan clubs, Saturday's are up there with The Beatles and One Direction. And we get it. Aiming for a Saturday seems easier when planning, your guests will be able to let their hair down after a week of slogging it out at work and Sunday acts a buffer for those glorious wedding hangovers. Basically, there's no surprises why Saturday is Mr Popular when it comes to getting hitched. So why, then, is the midweek wedding becoming more popular than last season's winner of Love Island?

We'll tell you why: because switching to a weekday wedding lets you save a whole bunch, both emotionally and financially, and that's can only be good for your happy vibes. That's why. Sure, there are some downsides to celebrating on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but there are also some "oh no" moments to be had from a Saturday wedding, so instead of getting bogged down in the negatives of planning your wedding ('cos who wants anything but positivity), let's focus on the super-awesome and uber-epic reasons to consider a cheeky midweek wedding bash. Can we get a whoop whoop.

Reason No.1: Save A Whole Lotta Money

It doesn't matter how you slice up this wedding cake, you're going to save some serious cash with a midweek wedding. Wedding venues offer huge discounts for any couple willing to resist the temptation of a Saturday, suppliers will give you better deals because the demand isn't as high Monday to Friday and booking an out of this world bridal suite will come with a gorgeously attractive price tag too.

And that's just your wedding. Getting hitched midweek will also help your guests out because those staying in hotels will either get an incredible deal on a room or be able to upgrade from a basic abode to the most luxury suite imaginable. And let's not forget about that idyllic honeymoon you've been dreaming of -- a midweek wedding could save you money on this trip of a lifetime too. Why? 'Cos weekends tend to be some of the most expensive days of the week to fly. In short, a midweek wedding won't just save you a few quid here and there; it will save you thousands and thousands of pounds.

Reason No.2: Your Dream Wedding Will Be Available

The days of easily bagging yourself a Saturday in any season (never mind everyone’s favourite month of July) are long, long gone. Venues and suppliers are busier than ever, their diaries fill to bursting point years in advance and that means prices escalate from that ‘maybe I just won’t buy a Starbucks latte today’ to ‘how easy is it to remortgage the house?’.

But it's not just about saving money, it's also about saving yourself from disappoint because there's nothing worse than being show around your dream venue by the dreamiest team member to then finding out there are no Saturday's left until 2034, and with so many couples having to postpone their big day due to the Coronavirus, dates are getting booked up left, right and centre.

The answer: a weekday wedding, when your dream venue has more availability and their flexibility with dates is just as you hoped it would be.

Reason No.3: Your Day As You Dreamed It Would Be

Unfortunately, it's not just about wedding venues getting book up months and months in advance, but registrars too. Registrars conduct several weddings throughout a day, so the more couples getting married each day, the more competition there is to book your registrar at the time you want.

That's the problem with Saturdays -- they're busier than rush hour buses, which could mean your registrar is only be available to conduct your ceremony super-early in the day or awkwardly-late in the afternoon. The good news is, registrars tend to have a lot more availability midweek, so you can choose exactly when you want your ceremony to start, the sunlight flooding through the windows as you say "I do", and the rest of your big bash flowing exactly as you always imagined.

Reason No.4: Book Your Favourite Wedding Suppliers

Planning a wedding means finding suppliers that can create the exact vibe you're after so you can have the picture-perfect party of your dreams. It could be a band that gives you all the feels, a particular photographer that has a knack for capturing tiny moments everywhere or a caterer's menu that has already made your taste buds tingle. The best wedding suppliers are always in high demand come the weekends. That's the bad news.

The good news is you probably won’t lose out on such an important aspect of your day by choosing a mid-week date when your favey-ravey wedding suppliers have far greater availability. And that's not all because you may be the only wedding that the supplier has booked in for a couple of days, which may mean you’ll receive their whole and undivided attention. Boom.

Reason No.5: Spend Your Savings On More Wow

What's the best ting about saving money with a simple midweek switcheroo? The fact you may now have the budget for those extra special wedding touches you'd added to your dream wedding Pinterest page. It could be a wow-factor fireworks finale to end to your big day, or a 3 course meal of fancy foods complete with a chocolate fountain, or that wedding dress you once thought was out of your budget. That's what a weekday wedding does -- it makes the impossible possible.

Reason No.6: Your Guests Get A Day Off Work

Too many people look at a weekday wedding with the wrong attitude. They think about getting hitched on a Monday and think "ah, but that means our guests will have to take a day off work." Yeah, it does, but isn't that a freakin' amazing thing? Your guests get a day off to party. Besides, not everyone works Monday to Friday. In fact, more and more people do weekend shifts, and they'd have to take the day off for a Saturday wedding, which means there's no difference.

So long as you send out your Save the Date cards early enough, your wedding guests should be able to take the day off work to attend your big day, slapping on their out of office with a smile as they turn your celebrations into a mini-break away.

Reason No.7: Tie The Knot On A Special Date

When couples get married on a Saturday, they're usually doing it because Saturday seems like the done thing. But wedding should have more meaning than just convenience. Your wedding should be full of sentiment and meaning, so why not look to get married on a day that has a place in your love story. Just imagine how magical it would be to tie the knot on your anniversary, or getting married on your proposal-versary. Trust us, a significant date is far more meaningful than a date chosen out of necessity.

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