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8 of the Dreamiest Wedding Gift Ideas For 2021

Planning your wedding means making a thousand and one decisions from how many guests you'll invite to what favours you'll give them, what signature cocktail you'll serve to what song will be the soundtrack your first dance -- but no part of the planning process is more fun than pulling together your wedding gift list. After all, these are the presents you'll get to enjoy together, as Mr & Mrs Happily Ever After; gifts that will bring you together, whether they're gifts for your home or experiences you'll share.

The problem is: there's a lot of choices out there, and when you’re staring at a black piece of paper with the words "Wedding Gift List" at the top, you'll be surprised how many brides and grooms get stuck on the simplest question of them all: what the heck should you actually ask for?

Well, the truth is, the answer is totally up to you because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Some couples want quality cookware that will be with them throughout their married life and others would love to fill their walls with prints from their favourite artists, while more and more couples are opting for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including contributions towards their honeymoon.

The list is endless. But to help you out, we've scrolled through the internet and pulled together our Top 10 gift list suggestions that we guarantee will fill you blank page with so many options. Enjoy.

Pizza Oven

Pizza is life. And life should be great. And making your own pizza is one of those simple yet beautiful things that promises to make life great, which is why an outdoor pizza oven makes it onto our list. The idea of hanging out in your garden with your friends, clinking glasses of rosé as you make everyone fresh pizzas in your very own oven, giving the dough some delicious char bubbles and a ton of gorgeously gooey melting cheese -- and they don't get better than the Ooni Karu Wood & Charcoal-Fired Pizza Oven. Trust us on that.


When it comes to making your home your home, nothing is quite as unique or personal as the art you fill it with. That custom print or painting, or those pieces of art you've had saved to your bookmarks for years and years, dreaming of them one day adorning the walls of your home. What's more, it's something the more creative people on your guest list will be absolutely thrilled to give you. So take a research different independent artists, pop into galleries that pique your interest or simply fill your basket on Desenio for a gallery wall. Whatever you prefer.

Honeymoon Fund

Welcome to the most popular wedding gift at the moment: financial or honeymoon contributions. Now, we know you may be looking at your fiancé right now wondering whether this is doable or it is just too awkward to ask your friends for financial help, but so many couples are now setting up honeymoon funds where you can either accept money to help pay for your dream trip, or request a special treatment during your escape, such as a luxury massage or scuba diving experience. Whatever it is, don't be embarrassed to ask for your dream gift.

Lessons For 2

Whatever you're into, whatever you want to learn, whatever crazy thought you've had at the back of your mind -- there's no limits to what you and your soul mate can take up together. Salsa dancing, Mediterranean cooking, a new languages, abstract art, an instrument --all you need to do is decide what you both want to learn together and go for it. It could be a one-off lesson gifted to you from a single guest, or you could ask your guests to contribute toward a long-term class and really master this new journey.

Subscription Services

Signing up to subscriptions have become one of the most popular options in recent years, but you don't need to stop at Netflix or The Week because subscriptions stretch so much further than streaming services and magazines. Ask for a letterbox flower subscriptions from somewhere like Freddie's Flowers, or to have handmade soaps from The Kentish Soap Co delivered to your door each month, or one of our absolute favourites called Pong, which sets you up with monthly deliveries of cheese. There are so many subscription options ready for you to explore.

Travel Vouchers

Exploring new places and seeing new things together is one of the best ways to fall in love again and again and again, which is why we recommend asking your guests for some anytime vouchers that you can put towards a getaway, whether that's something romantic and relaxing or exciting and adrenaline-filled. For a better idea of what we mean, check out Mr & Mrs Smith and Secret Escapes, both of which offer gift cards and major discounts on some incredible places.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Moment

Life's short. Too short. So make sure you're ticking things off your bucket list and not just dreaming about them. From skydiving to hot air balloon rides, Michelin star meals to racing supercars on a track day, this is the best chance you'll get to experience those once-in-a-lifetime moments you'll never forget. It's your chance to live out your wildest dreams and then say thank you with a selfie.

Charity Donations

Your wedding should be a beautiful celebration of your love story, but just imagine how amazing it would be to use this moment and all that love to support those who need our help most. Chances are you don't have everything you want, but look around and you might realise you have everything you need. So instead of In asking for a physical present, consider asking your guests if they could make a donation to a charity that means a lot to both of you. Of all the gift ideas on this list, this might just be the greatest gift of them all.

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